Your Development Plans + Our Expertise = Your Product Success

ByteSnap Design’s team has a proven track record in cost effectively speeding up product development and time-to-market.

ByteSnap’s expertise of embedded software and electronics means we can quickly assess your ideas and produce early design concepts. We can also evaluate existing products, providing you with the steps required for your development to successfully reach the market.

Our breadth of in-house experience means that the team can diagnose underlying hardware/software issues and engineer solutions that span the hardware and software domains – even when the initial project appears to be solely hardware or software related.

We also perform modelling and simulation to identify potential risks to a product.

To save you time and development costs, ByteSnap offers EMC pre-qualification tests to help you avoid expensive revisions late in the project cycle.

And for added piece of mind, ByteSnap is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Talk to us about how we can assist with your development.  Our sector experience includes:

  • ZigBee design We have built our own ZigBee metering products and integrated ZigBee features into client products.
  • Utilities Including energy monitoring and management systems and demand response management.
  • Mobile entertainment Including consumer-oriented smartphone app for mixing media on a phone.
  • Industrial PDAs Our experience ranges from porting devices across platforms to ground-breaking intrinsically safe devices.
  • Marine products
  • Medical electronics
  • Electric vehicle charging post design Re-design and enhancement of EV charging posts and management systems.
  • Smart energy metering We have developed metering and monitoring circuits for consumer and industrial applications.
  • Driver and hardware developments for IP cores
  • Wireless industrial control (M2M)
  • Satellite Navigation system design

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