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Windows Mobile App Development

For an example of ByteSnap’s Windows Mobile app development work, take a look at the TrakAxMobile application.

You can use your phone to create videos, take photographs, download music, and surf the web. It’s the device you can’t leave the house without. Yet mobile technology has been lacking an application that can transform your photos and videos into something vibrant and original.

We can aid in your BSP development at any stage in the process and reduce your overall project times.

TrakAxMobile Reviews

“I am thrilled to see a program like this finally make its way to the Windows Mobile platform. Trakax provides a fantastic introduction to media mixing for Windows Mobile users.” Doug Goldring –


“It’s incredibly easy to use and with the minimum of practice you could creating your own mobile masterpieces in a matter of minutes.” Chris Leonard –


“The interface is clear, concise and easy to start using. Within seconds I’d mixed a video together with some pictures, then added some credits and adjusted the sound.” Gears – CoolSmartphone


“The app is truly amazing.” The Palm-Sound


“trakaxMobile is a software indispensable for those who would like to take the multimedia capabilities of their equipment to another level. Never experienced a software in the same area as intuitive, addictive and able to provide long periods of fun. Final Mark: 4.5 (1-5).” Sandro Correia