Energy Monitoring and Management2016-07-13T08:24:13+01:00

ByteSnap Design’s Energy division develops embedded hardware and software solutions for energy and power monitoring and management. Here are some of the power and energy management projects we’ve delivered:

  • The ZMM-01 ZigBee Smart Energy module is the latest of the Energy division’s power management solutions. The ZMM-01 is ideally suited to remote and distributed management systems for example, electric vehicle wireless charging  systems.
  • Gaz de France is the exploitation partner for Middas, a Windows CE-based system developed by ByteSnap Design. Middas can monitor and manage a three-phase electrical supply , controlling energy flow to and from a Smart Grid. The system uses ZigBee wireless networking to communicate with a touch-screen monitoring and management module.
  • Designed by ByteSnap Design’s Energy division, the Plogg is a smart meter plug that improves energy efficiency by providing energy consumption data at the point of use. The Plogg also enables remote control of the monitored device via a wireless ZigBee or Bluetooth connection.