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Leading UK embedded systems design consultancy, ByteSnap Design, is offering a service to ensure that reconditioned machinery or equipment bound for India meets Indian Government regulations.

The Indian Government has introduced a requirement that a Chartered Engineer’s Certificate is obtained prior to export to India. This certificate is a record of an inspection by a chartered engineer to assess the quality and residual value of the goods being exported.

These regulations were introduced to prevent dumping of sub-standard equipment by a company trying to avoid domestic disposal charges.

Chartered Engineer’s Certificate Service

ByteSnap Design’s Chartered Engineer’s Certificate service provides a through inspection of equipment and recommends any remedial steps needed to gain successful approval for equipment export.

ByteSnap Design’s service includes a site visit to inspect the equipment and a draft report which can be verified with an import agent in India. The final certificate is then stamped, signed and sent on with the equipment.

As there is not a standard for the format of the Chartered Engineer Certificate, we will work with the importers to ensure compliance.

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