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ZigBee Design Services

ByteSnap Design is experienced in ZigBee consultancy and provides specialist expertise to customers engaged in the development, integration and design of devices that make use of the IEEE 802.15.4 ZigBee wireless protocol. Our team has won awards for its ZigBee design services for clients, and our experience includes both ZigBee hardware design and software development for ZigBee products. Having developed its own ZigBee products, the ByteSnap Design team can advise on all stages of the development. Key areas we look at include:

  • Chipset
  • Power consumption
  • Link Budget (range)
  • Integration with the rest of the system
  • Cost of the solution
  • ByteSnap has designed many ZigBee products based on its own certified Ember EM357 based ZigBee module, as well as having experience with other providers’ wireless modules.

The process of evaluating devices for compliance with the 802.15.4 ZigBee wireless protocol requires a series of tests covering wireless and software testing – we can work with your product designers prior to and during ZigBee certification testing , helping to ensure that the product completes certification testing in the shortest possible time.

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