ZigBee Certification2016-07-13T08:09:37+00:00

ByteSnap Design’s ZigBee certification consultancy service helps you to get your ZigBee-enabled device through ZigBee wireless testing.

We’ve been through the same design and build steps that our customers have when developing ZigBee devices (we even have our own ZigBee modules) so you can be sure that we understand the issues involved in ZigBee wireless certification. Key areas we look at include:

  • Understanding the protocols and Zigbee profiles
  • The certification test procedure; what is required
  • International regulations for wireless certification

Our team has many years of experience supporting customers with their embedded systems design, build and testing projects. Our strength in combined software and hardware systems means that we can act as an outsourced design team for your entire ZigBee product or provide advice and an independent view on specific aspects of your certification testing work.

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