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Core Values: What Makes ByteSnap Tick…?

What’s the drive behind one of the UK’s leading electronic design consultancies? Read our staff Q and A as we reveal what keeps us buzzing as a business…



How/why did you get into embedded electronics?

“I have always enjoyed problem solving and an introduction to programming at school started my fascination with solving problems using computers. My interest in electronics started when I was an apprentice. Combining programming with electronics then started as a hobby but became a way of life.” – Firmware Development Team Member






“Throughout school I became more and more interested in science, particularly physics. My interest in electronics came in a particular

project which involved making some simple electronic circuits and I loved it.” – Electronics Design Team Member





“Ever since I was young, I always had a need to understand how something works. How structures hold themselves up, how a train moves, how a gearbox functions, how planes fly. However, hardware and software are more complex and more of a challenge to understand than any of the

previous things I have mentioned, so of course I gravitated towards this  industry.” – Firmware Development Team Member







“As the son of an “inventor” I was always in and out of the workshop, this bred intrigue for the mechanics driving what he created. This combined with an interest of software lead to an embedded focus…” – Android Applications Team Member






“I had a natural interest in how things worked, for me this curiosity lead to taking apart watches, TV’s, radios much to the chagrin of my parents. I had limited access to reading material so never really knew what I was doing beyond the very basics. There were many casualties including a ZX spectrum 48K and several TV’s, shocks from CRT tubes that retained their voltage after power off. Eventually I was given a Tandy 200:1 electronics kit and a simple circuit book and from there I made quite generic circuits such as radios, LDR activated light etc. For school work experience I found a local electronics company in Bury, Manchester named Electronic Design Services. The owner had worked on rocket controls and was an excellent tutor with many stories of clever tricks solving complex problems. From there I decided to take A-levels and a degree in electronics which eventually lead to a career in electronic systems.”- FPGA Development Team Member





“Interest came from experimenting with Arduino and raspberry pi with projects such as a self-driving Arduino car and creating modules for an AI assistant using Jasper…” – Android Applications Team Member






“Ultimately I just get a buzz from making things. Have done since I was a kid when it was Blue Peter projects made out of toilet rolls and washing up liquid bottles. I had some school friends who were into electronics and the school ran an electronics club and that really moved my interest on…” – Electronics Design Team Member





“Well I’ve always loved tinkering with computers…pulling them apart, building them…” – Firmware Development Team Member






“I think it started when my aunt and uncle gave me this giant electronics set when I was about 12. It had all these wires you could connect to specific pins to make super simple things like a buzzer, or a random number generator. I remember looking down at this sprawling machine and thinking ‘OK so it works, but HOW does it work?’. I believe it was then that I started to have more of an interest in computers, and eventually programming.” – Firmware Development Team Member








“I’ve always liked taking things apart, learning how they worked, computers… and lights! Growing up I always had a weird obsession with all sort of lights (from tiny LEDs to huge concert fixtures) so I kind of found something that allowed me to combine all those things.” – Electronics Design Team Member





“…By marrying an electronic engineer! My introduction to embedded electronics specifically has been through working with the engineers at ByteSnap and also when communicating with our customers and suppliers…” – Finance Manager





 What do you enjoy most about your job?





“The diversity of the work, I’ve worked on microcontrollers, Linux device drivers, bootloaders, Linux BSP, video, audio, android, secure boot, and a heating controlling application as well as a build system/revision control setup.” – Embedded Linux Engineer







“The feeling that you have had a hand in creating a product that exists and other people potentially use on a daily basis, even though we people wouldn’t know…” – Android Applications Team Member





“…The changes in technology and developing solutions for using them. I love applying my experience, knowledge and skills to getting things working and to see a  final working product gives a great sense of achievement and satisfaction. I also enjoy the variety of projects we have and supporting others with issues they may have in their projects. I enjoy passing on my experience to other engineers.” – Firmware Development Team Member








“The puzzles. Starting a new project where I’ve got to solve a new problem, to find the pieces I need, make a few new ones, and start combining everything. It’s a great satisfaction when I can see the final result!” – Electronics Design Team Member







“Solving problems and leading a skilled team for complex projects. I’m still very much an active Electronics/FPGA engineer. I feel that as a technical leader, remaining hands on is a requirement and I still get involved in the nitty gritty of design.” – FPGA Development Team Member








“…The variety of interesting projects to work on. Projects vary even when working with the same sensors. It has given me a deeper appreciation for how technology works on a lower level than previously experienced at university…”
– Android Applications Team Member






Getting new pieces of custom hardware and making odd firmware tests. The atmosphere here is great and there’s always something new to do.”  – Firmware Development Team Member







“…Using media to tell our story – showing our expertise and ingenuity to help bring in new business and keep us relevant at the top of our industry. No two days are the same – love that. And it’s really cool seeing how products evolve…” – Digital Marketing Manager







“There is always a challenge to be solved. There is nothing worse than being uninterested in your work and as an electronic engineer there is no chance of  that!” – Firmware Development Team Member





“The friendly atmosphere and the productive yet relaxed environment.”
Firmware Development Team Member







“…Meeting with new customers and exploring how our experience can find a solution for them using innovation and new technology…”- Firmware Development Team Member

 What the best thing about working at ByteSnap?



“Working on new and challenging things! Each project, while very different, always manages to test my abilities and improve my skills.”
– Firmware Development Team Member






“…Working for a stable and growing company with like-minded people and supporting a great range of projects. We are small enough to avoid the complicated procedures of big companies allowing us to be very reactive to customer needs and yet skilled and large enough to take on larger projects. When customers thank us for a good job and existing customers return with more work for us we must be doing something right!” – Firmware Development Team Member






“…The vast scope of potential projects that we are able to work on. Because of the individual expertise that exists within ByteSnap, there is always the scope for improving and developing new skills from colleagues…” – Android Applications Team Member










“The ethos and self-funded nature of ByteSnap appeals to me. Having worked with Dunstan and Graeme for so long makes it especially rewarding to see the company grow through their sheer determination…” – Firmware Development Team Member







“Working as part of the team and seeing the company grow from strength to strength. Each new employee that joins us is carefully selected to add to our current wealth of experience…” – Finance Manager






“Probably delivering on the promise of the solution, getting that demonstration together for the customer and going through with them the project so far with all the highlights and features we’ve been discussing over the weeks in many cases…” – Firmware Development Team Member







“The company has a very lean management structure and everyone is very focused on the work at hand whilst maintaining a friendly atmosphere. It’s great to have high quality people that are reliable to work with on projects.”
– FPGA Development Team Member






“I loved working on an audio subsystem for the first time, then writing DSP code to make it sound great! I got to add quite a few new tools to my belt that month (I2S, XMOS C, Audio DSP, Butterworth filters, beamforming)!!” – Embedded Linux Team Member








“The huge variety of different projects, there is always something new that keeps me pushing to the edge of what I know and I’m always learning something new.” – Electronics Design Team Member


 What do you think drives us at ByteSnap? What makes the company tick and keeps us going and growing?






“…The ability to leverage new technologies. The accomplishment that comes with completing an innovative project that a client is happy with…” – Android Applications Team Member












“Interest in technology I think. Everyone is into the tech and it is good to be working on the latest technology…” – Electronics Design Team Member






“We’re driven by innovative, new, and practical solutions. New projects encourage us to adapt and provide the best solutions for our customers.”
– Firmware Development Team Member








“It’s a small company with like-minded people working all together to make sure all the projects are finished with excellent results.”– Electronics Design Team Member









“The excitement of many, many new projects and the satisfaction of completing them successfully…” –  Firmware Development Team Member







“I see a lot of great collaborative work in the office where we’re continually striving for the very best solutions for our clients. We seem to thrive on solving technical conundrums for our customers and I’m really proud of that…” – Digital Marketing Manager













“People that care about technology and working with new things all the time.” Embedded Linux Team Member



“We enjoy the challenges, innovation, the emerging technologies, the constant change and the constant learning process. I think it is the new technology aspect that drives us and for most of us it is a vocation, not just a job. I think the relaxed working environment with support for each other is important and keeps us ticking. Flexibility and the breadth of experience and knowledge we have as a team to develop appropriate solutions for our customers both existing and potential. We try to understand the customer, to be the customer for our designs, to educate the customer as to how to achieve the goals they have. Staff retention is excellent reflecting the good working environment and means that we can support customers over several years. For example over the ten years I have been with ByteSnap I have supported companies such as SKF, NCR and Heatmiser with various new projects and updates to existing and historical products.”
– Firmware Development Team Member






“ByteSnap has excellent technical expertise but I think what drives the company is the enthusiasm of the staff. There is a real spirit in the office which drives the projects forward.” Electronics Design Team Member









 What sets us apart from other electronics design consultancies?




“We are interactive with our customers. Being in communication throughout the project lifecycle allows for any suggestions and feedback during development which helps provide the client with the product they want” Android Applications Team Member










“Everyone at ByteSnap wants their best work to go out of the door every time. We don’t settle for “That will do”. We try to meet and exceed the customers’ expectations whether it be on performance, cost or time to market. We take on diverse projects covering many skills and have a large breadth of knowledge. We are not a single trick pony specialised in one area.”  – FPGA Development Team Member






“There is an excellent mixture of technical skills and also softer communication skills at ByteSnap. Everyone at the company has both the technical knowledge required of a good engineer but also the ability to manage projects and interact with customers.” Electronics Design Team Member






“The engineers working here are all top class. And all work together really well…” – Embedded Linux Team Member








“For me, we are big enough to have some great experience in many areas but small enough to adapt and really listen to what we are being asked to design, I would hate to lose that flexibility…” – Firmware Development Team Member










“Our huge range of skills across the whole spectrum of technologies from hardware level to application level. Also the tenacity of all the people working here to make the best they can be.” – Firmware Development Team Member








“Flexibility and the breadth of experience and knowledge we have as a team to develop appropriate solutions for our customers both existing and potential. We try to understand the customer, to be the customer for our designs, to educate the customer as to how to achieve the goals they have. Staff retention is excellent reflecting the good working environment and means that we can support customers over several years. For example over the ten years I have been with ByteSnap I have supported diverse companies with various new projects and updates to existing and historical products.” – Firmware Development Team Member







“A clear vision regarding our expertise and a professional relationship with our customers that is built on mutual trust…” – Finance Manager



 What did you want to be when you were 10 and what were you like as a ten year-old?




“I wanted to be a physicist like my father.” – Firmware Development Team Member









“An inventor, technological advancements were happening so quickly when I was young, I used to try and guess what the next thing was.” Android Applications Team Member










“Shy but I also liked being on the stage…I also wanted to train as a teacher and currently also tutor mathematics…” – Finance Manager







“At age 10, I was fascinated with how things worked and by the promise of what technology could do in the future based upon what television portrayed. I often took things apart to see how they worked, much to my parents’ exasperation, but I almost always put them back together. At the time there were no consumer electronics except for radio and TV, there were no personal music players never mind computers, iPads and mobile phones so I was content to build and paint plastic models. The moon landings were happening at the time I was 10 so I probably wanted to be a rocket engineer or a pilot.” – Firmware Development Team Member








“My cynical 10 year-old self decided that being an F1 driver was a tad unrealistic, so at that time I wanted to be a fireman. Although I do think that being a software engineer is a lot cooler!” – Firmware Development Team Member











“Probably wanted to be a scientist, I was always reading science fiction and horror books.” Embedded Linux Team Member







“…a stop motion animator. Inspired by Wallace and Gromit I made short stop motion animations with playdoh…” – Android Applications Team








“…Don’t know, I enjoyed playing and just wanted to be like everyone else. At 5 I wanted to be a tube driver – a documentary shown at school said that the driver on the new (Victoria Line) trains only needed to press a button to open and close the doors. Everything else was automatic – magic!” –  Firmware Development Team Member










“A professional wrestler or a rock star…” – Embedded Linux Team Member












“I was fairly quiet aged 10 which explains why I wanted to be a lorry driver. But I was also sporty and daydreamed of being a footballer.” Electronics Design Team Member







“I can’t remember! Probably an astronaut? Haha! I think I was more talkative and social, and had a very high-pitched voice :D” – Electronics Design Team Member






“I wanted to be a Theatre actress; being on the stage was always my dream.”
– Finance Assistant







“Probably, racing driver. It’s difficult to remember, I would say quite shy, but enthusiastic about technology and the early years of computers. I spent time out with mates on bikes exploring, there was a lot less traffic, I couldn’t imagine doing that now as a 10 year old.” – FPGA Development Team Member








“…Probably, an astronaut. I think I was quite gregarious. I loved reading about space and science…” – Electronics Design Team Member








“I’d like to say astronaut – but the reality is…a software engineer!” – Firmware Development Team Member