MeasureWare Development Services

MeasureWare Development Services

Analogue circuit design has long been seen as an art by those more familiar with developing digital circuits. As such, it has fallen out of favour as a speciality over the last few decades. However, analogue design is crucial as the world is intrinsically analogue; in order to make measurements, some form of analogue design is required, even if it is just to interface a sensor to an analogue to digital converter.

The solution? Meet MeasureWare.

MeasureWare is a New Way to Design Measurement Systems

MeasureWare greatly simplifies the electronics and software development around what could otherwise be a complex piece of precision analogue electronics. It also gives on-going flexibility to allow a system to evolve with changing requirements.

MeasureWare Development Services - ByteSnap
Measureware Development Services from ByteSnap

Measurement Datasets

ADI’s MeasureWare solutions allow users to more accurately measure essential project datasets for example:

  • Acceleration
  • CO2
  • Humidity
  • Moisture
  • pH
  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Weight

Precision Analogue Design

MeasureWare is flexible enough to adjust and change measurement parameters as a project progresses. It’s a great solution where time to market and precision are critical but it also gives flexibility for downstream changes in the requirements specification.

MeasureWare takes the complexity out of developing precision measurement systems – streamlining complex technology and allowing you to custom design your system without the requirement for electronics and firmware development.

Real world applications include industrial monitoring, bee health monitoring and beverage production.

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Our Expertise

Our award-winning technical experts can help you optimise your project to give you the best opportunity to accelerate to market. Get in touch – talk to us about how our engineers can work with you to ensure your development has a firm foundation for project success.

Case Study

Discover how ByteSnap helped an IoT systems company develop with MeasureWare and LoRa, reducing time-to-market, to create a plug-n-play industrial monitoring platform

Read the Case Study

ByteSnap – Your Trusted MeasureWare Development Partner

ByteSnap is a trusted development partner for Analog Devices International (ADI) – we’re here to help you make the most of ADI’s powerful yet flexible MeasureWare solutions if you need some extra product design support.

Talk to us about how our expert engineering consultants can support your product development project.

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