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M2M projects – embedded design and development experience

ByteSnap Design has undertaken a number of M2M (Machine-to-Machine) projects since its foundation in 2008. From smart energy, car charging, connected home security to developing its own metering and control module, we have both hardware and software experts in-house; see a tiny sample of projects below. According to industry researchers Machina Research, there will be 27 billion M2M connections, and total global revenue will be £1.1 trillion by 2024. So whether you are a start-up with a great “Internet of Things” idea, or a large company looking to get your products into the smart home, don’t miss out on this huge market, and get in touch to discuss your project.

2008 – Energy Optimizers Smart Meter Plogg plug

smart energy plug ploggs cropped1

Energy Optimizers turned to ByteSnap Design to assist in the conception, design and production of a smart energy reading meter that would save users time and money, by making it easy to monitor energy consumption.

Working closely with its client, ByteSnap Design created Plogg – a smart meter plug that provides essential data about energy consumption at the point of use – the electrical power socket. At the time, it was the highest-quality, most fully functioned smart meter on the market. It allowed consumers to check the power consumption of appliances in real time, monitor it over long periods of time, and even control it remotely. This useful and innovative energy monitoring and management tool provided users with an immediate and accurate reading of energy consumption, designed to help cut energy use – and therefore save money. For this project, ByteSnap Design was highly commended in the Best Added Value Product category for the ICT Excellence Awards 2009.

2010 – HGV telemetry

logistics app developers

ByteSnap developed boards to support a new logistics and tracking system, that provides visibility of entire HGV fleets, with information such as location and status.

Thousands of fuel tankers using the system, fleet owners can now benefit from sensors and bespoke logistics software applications that assist a driver in numerous ways including tracking the level of fuel, and routing drivers to the nearest petrol stations when necessary.  As part of our industrial app development activity, we provided board support package (BSP) development, and focussed on embedded firmware.  The final boards are able to gather a range of inputs and outputs, including a GPS and mapping software.





2011 – ZigBee metering module

zigbee-metering moduleByteSnap launched the ZMM-01 to combine the key features of metering and control in a single, low power platform.  The ZMM-01 also provides a Real Time Clock, accurate up to 2ppm.

By implementing the ZigBee Smart Energy protocol, the ZMM-01 is able to use the command-set specified by the standard to control energy equipment within the home or office. Wirelessly connecting to other devices through the ZigBee mesh network, the ZMM-01 forms a fundamental part of the smart home, helping to lower power usage by implementing building management protocols.

The ZMM-01 is well suited to many types of distributed control and monitoring systems and embedded software projects, for example: wireless charging for electric vehicles, street lighting control, data centre power monitoring and building air-conditioning control.


2012 – Chargepoint EV charging system

EV-Mini-Charging car charging post expert developers

ChargePoint Services approached ByteSnap to develop new electronics and software for GE charging posts, ready for pre-Olympics testing. Reliability was critical as, during the Olympics, the charging posts were among the most heavily used in Europe, powering the fleet transporting athletes and officials between venues.

The original post used a PC to authorise vehicle charging so ByteSnap designed a WinCE-based replacement, adding metering and GPRS backhaul to ChargePoint’s servers. The new embedded software downloaded a ‘vehicle whitelist’ allowing the post to authorise charging even when the mobile network failed.  Choosing WinCE instead of a microcontroller added flexibility while an off-the-shelf ARM processor and ByteSnap’s own ZMM-01 metering module reduced cost and development time. Using WinCE also enabled us to accommodate functional enhancements requests quickly and was perfect for the 160 posts installed for the games.


2014 – the Ticketer HH200 handheld ticketing payment system

developers of hand held ticketing machineByteSnap developed a new type of ticket machine, in response to market demand that can both meet the revenue challenge and inform operators of vehicle location and current ticket sales. ByteSnap developed the electronics and software for a smart integrated ticketing machine.

Ticketer is an on-bus or mobile, online, computer terminal replacement for existing ticket machines. With an ITSO certified smartcard reader and a choice of printers to ensure maximum flexibility with minimum maintenance cost, and integrated GPS for real-time location reporting. And now with optional Wave and Pay and QR code reader and printer for additional payment options.

The ticket machine is able to work both as a portable unit the driver can walk up the bus with, or use outside, and as a docked machine that sits by him during the journey.



2015 – Cocoon smart home security

Cocoon smart home security electronics experts IoT M2M Smart homeCocoon is an innovative smart home security device that aims to transform the home security market. It won silver at the 2014 London Design awards and recently secured a £2 million investment from Aviva Ventures and Breed Reply Investments.

Cocoon uses SUBSOUND™ Technology to sense activity throughout your home. If Cocoon senses something wrong, it sends high quality video straight to your smartphone so you can take action and feel safe.

ByteSnap handled electronics design including developing a prototype sensor board and the BSP. Once the sensor board had been tested and software work was underway, ByteSnap designed the production sensor PCB and CPU board, a dense, high speed digital, PCB design involving DDR, EMMc, power and WiFi.

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