New Low Currant SOC Module – Update

We wanted to give you a quick update on our new Low Currant Soc Module.

low currant soc module - sl
close DSC_4422-Q1
Low Currant Module-copyright ByteSnap Design Ltd all rights reserved
Low currant soc module testing again
Low Currant module teardown begins (c) ByteSnap Design Ltd All Rights Reserved 1
Low Current SoC Module - Teardown Commences
Low Currant SoC Module - (c) Bytesnap Design Ltd All rights reserved
More teardown of the Low Currant Module
New Low Currant Soc Module - bugs
Low Currant Module teardown - (c) ByteSnap Design All Rights Reserved
Low currant design for new SoCmodule -sl

OK, OK….we realise that our SoC (System on Cake) Module story would probably have crumbled fairly quickly…. so we hope it raised a few chuckles for you over the April Fools weekend!

Followers of our social media channels will know that the ByteSnap team is a very, very sweet-toothed bunch…so we couldn’t help but combine problem-solving, electronics engineering and cake to conjour up our low currant component for April 1st.

Master baker joined development team for Low Currant SOC Module project

A very special thanks to Mary-Anne Boermans who engineered the mouthwatering masterpiece for us; a luscious almond and chocolate torte featuring equally yummy sugar resistors and transistors.

Mary-Anne was a finalist on Season 2 of the Great British Bake Off, and is a successful food consultant, author and blogger.

You can check out her fabulous food adventures over at her blog, Time to Cook – Online.


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