Tech Podcast: Rise of RISC-V, Embedded Design Trends & Xenobots!


Tech Podcast: Rise of RISC-V, Embedded Design Trends – and Xenobots!

Listen in as ByteSnap Director Dunstan Power and Amelia Dalton from EE Journal (from 6 minutes 15 seconds) discuss a variety of design trends for 2020, including the rise of RISC-V, the role of security in embedded design, and why he expects to see a big push into machine learning-driven by tools from Xilinx and Intel.

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Also in the podcast to start things off, Amelia takes a closer look at how a team of research scientists have created a new form of life (a living, programmable organism called a Xenobot) with a little help from African frog embryos, an algorithm that simulates designs for new life-forms, and the Deep Green supercomputer cluster at the Vermont Advanced Computing Core.

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