Microsoft @ 40: A Closer Look at Embedded Compact 6.0


It started with a vision. A computer on every desktop in every home. Thus, on 4th April 1975, Bill Gates and Paul Allen started Since then, this PC colossus has seen its share of changes in markets and user expectations; its operating systems moving from desktop to gaming, smartphone, PDA, tablet, and embedded devices. This week, as Microsoft marks its 40th anniversary, ByteSnap takes a closer look at Windows Embedded Compact 6.0, or WinCE 6.0 - one of its most popular variants of the embedded operating systems to date. We chaired a Win CE 6.0 open forum with Nigel Goodyear, Embedded Platform Architect at Direct Insight, and our Principal Engineer, Martin Thompson. In the first of two parts, we examine how the OS has managed to maintain its staying [...]

Microsoft @ 40: A Closer Look at Embedded Compact 6.02018-10-09T12:09:05+01:00