New EV Column – The EV Smart Charging rEVolution


The EV Smart Charging rEVolution - new monthly column Welcome to the new EV Smart Charging rEVolution column! I’m Julian Skidmore, a senior software engineer at ByteSnap Design and helping to develop our EV - electric vehicle - charging solutions. We’re a progressive embedded consultancy with an interest in EVs going back to 2012 when we designed and supplied EV chargers for the London Olympics. I’ve had a 2016 Renault Zoe EV since 2017 and over 20% of us who drive into work use a BEV [Battery Electric Vehicle]. In this monthly series, we’ll be covering EV innovations and our experiences with EVs, particularly from the perspective of EV charging and the charging infrastructure, which we believe is the other half [...]

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See ByteSnap’s Demo at Embedded World 2019


See ByteSnap's Demo at Embedded World 2019 SnapUI at Embedded World 2019 ByteSnap is back at the world's largest embedded electronics trade show this month - with a demonstration of our highly flexible UI framework. Our interactive cooker control demo will be running SnapUI Linux on NXP's much-anticipated i.MX7ULP processor at Embedded World 2019 in Nuremberg, Germany. SnapUI is ByteSnap's high-efficiency graphic framework which allows you to create high performance user interfaces for low power devices. ByteSnap Director Graeme Wintle says “We are very excited showing SnapUI working on the 7ULP, it demonstrates the efficiency and versatility of the framework on such a low power device.” The demonstration uses the SnapUI framework to render using the OpenGL accelerated GPU of the i.MX7 [...]

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