WiFi KRACK: Take these four key steps to manage the risk and protect your network


When the WPA2 vulnerability, better known as the WiFi KRACK was revealed late last year, what followed was a torrent of concerning headlines suggesting that all WiFi communications could be decrypted. Whilst it is vulnerability at the core of one of the most popular forms of WiFi network security, all is not as bad as some of the articles might lead you to believe.   We're going to take a realistic look at how this attack works and outline some important steps users and service providers can take to keep networks and devices safe.   WiFi KRACK: Four key steps to manage the risk and protect your network   What is a KRACK?   KRACK, meaning Key Reinstallation AttaCK, works by abusing a flaw found in the WPA2 implementation declared [...]

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Why IoT Security Will Cost You More


IoT security is an increasingly urgent issue, but is still in the early stages of resolution. We take a look at the “Cost to Care” ratio, and why it is set to dictate our responses to this trend for some time to come...   The Internet of Things has been a discussion point for years, but only recently has the security aspect become anything more than a concept. However, with recent record-breaking DDoS attacks being squarely blamed on insecure IoT devices, and the publication of the botnet source code (dubbed Mirai); it’s certain this is just a beginning. With an estimated 25 to 50 billion devices set to be connected through IoT by 2020, the scale of the problem is likely to increase. But as the technology to secure, [...]

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Top 5 Tips For Developing Secure Android Applications


These days, developing secure Android applications is more important than ever before. Android now commands 76% of the smartphone market in the EU5¹, 67% in the US and nearly 80% in China, according to latest figures². With numbers like that, it’s no wonder the Android application development gold rush is continuing; nearly a quarter of a million apps have been added to Google Play so far in 2016³. That’s an average of 1,379 apps every day! However, with Accessibility Clickjacking, Stagefright, Triada and other malware among the growing list of Android exploits, developers simply cannot afford to place security anywhere other than at top of the priority list. With that in mind, in this article we’re taking a look at some best practice tips for developing secure Android applications. [...]

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IoT Security and the Cost-to-Care Ratio


Here, we take a closer look at IoT security in terms of the "Care-to-Cost" ratio - e.g. are manufacturers and product developers prepared to pay more (at least 25% more) to increase security in their offerings and are consumers willing to shell out for enhanced security? The further we travel into IoT territory, the more the potential for innovation becomes apparent. According to latest estimates, 25 to 50 billion devices will be connected through IoT by 20201,2. This journey isn’t without its challenges – particularly in terms of security.  There can be no denying the need to tackle spiralling data and privacy concerns.  But – as always – the bottom line is cost and demand; the “Cost to Care” ratio, if you will. This term came to prominence when Boston-based information services [...]

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