WiFi KRACK: Take these four key steps to manage the risk and protect your network


When the WPA2 vulnerability, better known as the WiFi KRACK was revealed late last year, what followed was a torrent of concerning headlines suggesting that all WiFi communications could be decrypted. Whilst it is vulnerability at the core of one of the most popular forms of WiFi network security, all is not as bad as some of the articles might lead you to believe.   We're going to take a realistic look at how this attack works and outline some important steps users and service providers can take to keep networks and devices safe.   WiFi KRACK: Four key steps to manage the risk and protect your network   What is a KRACK?   KRACK, meaning Key Reinstallation AttaCK, works by abusing a flaw found in the WPA2 implementation declared [...]

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Why IoT Security Will Cost You More


IoT security is an increasingly urgent issue, but is still in the early stages of resolution. We take a look at the “Cost to Care” ratio, and why it is set to dictate our responses to this trend for some time to come...   The Internet of Things has been a discussion point for years, but only recently has the security aspect become anything more than a concept. However, with recent record-breaking DDoS attacks being squarely blamed on insecure IoT devices, and the publication of the botnet source code (dubbed Mirai); it’s certain this is just a beginning. With an estimated 25 to 50 billion devices set to be connected through IoT by 2020, the scale of the problem is likely to increase. But as the technology to secure, [...]

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Smart Home Summit – was it worth going?


The move of the Smart Home Summit to Olympia in 2016 from a hotel in 2015 is a sure indication that business opportunities are growing in the smart cities, smart home and industrial internet sectors. The Smart Home Summit took place last week in London - a two-day conference and an exhibition that hosted the leading players across the sector - and we'd say yes, it was worth attending. 160 speakers gathered to make predictions and offer insight into the expansion of the three key IoT sectors, with presentations such as “Where Do Real Industry of Things Opportunities Lie for Businesses and Consumers?” from Sascha Backhaus, from CTC Stade/Airbus. He included information about industrial IoT opportunities such as asset and material tracking, real time localisation and foreign object damage [...]

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ByteSnap protects with smart home security


ByteSnap has provided both electronics design and software expertise for award winning smart home security device Cocoon. Cocoon is a technology company transforming the home security market by designing beautiful products that help people feel safe. It won silver at the 2014 London Design awards and recently secured a £2 million investment from Aviva Ventures and Breed Reply Investments. Features of the innovative smart home security system include device side encryption and unique SUBSOUND™ technology to sense activity throughout a home. It even detects intruders through closed doors. Cocoon enlisted ByteSnap Design as experts in both electronics design and software on embedded platforms. Following an extensive investigation into the various system on chips (SoC) on the market, Cocoon’s in-house specialists chose NXP/Freescale iMX6 for its availability and technical support. [...]

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Electronics Design 2016 – Our Top 10 Industry Trends


  What ByteSnap thinks is in store for the electronics design industry this year... 2015 was a year of colossal expansion across the technology spectrum – notably in the smart home, wearables and automotive sectors.  But what can we expect for 2016?  Here are our top ten predictions for the electronics design industry next twelve months... The Smart Home Will Continue Its Relentless Drive A technology push, as opposed to a consumer pull, will be maintained on the IoT front in 2016. More firms are making their stake in the Internet of Things.  Our electronics design team has been involved in more IoT projects, as interest home automation continues to expand. We’d like to see an industry consensus on IoT standards begin to take shape this year.  The sheer [...]

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Intel : 47 Years of Pioneering Processor Progress


PC Revolution Architects It’s 47 years since the launch of silicon chip giant Intel – sparking the 1970s personal computer revolution with the world’s first microprocessor. Left to right – Andy Grove, Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore, 1978   Image credit: Intel Free Press The semiconductor pioneer has dominated first the RAM, and then the CPU market for decades. But now some industry analysts claim a general slump in PC and laptop demand could seriously challenge Intel’s vice-like grip of the market. Industry watchers say recent news that an IBM-led partnership has created the first 7 nm (nanometer) node test chips with functioning transistors, is a further indicator of possible change at the apex of the semiconductor sector. IBM 7 nm node test chips Let's put that 7 nm into [...]

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Electronics news round-up April 2015


Another busy month for us and the world of electronics. Here are some of the news items that caught our attention: 1. Better battery imaging paves way for renewable energy future In a move that could improve the energy storage of everything from portable electronics to electric microgrids, University of Wisconsin-Madison and Brookhaven National Laboratory researchers have developed a novel X-ray imaging technique to visualize and study the electrochemical reactions in lithium-ion rechargeable batteries containing a new type of material, iron fluoride. 2. Electromagnetic theory breakthrough leads to ‘antennas on a chip’ The unravelling of one of the mysteries of electromagnetism could enable the design of antennas small enough to be integrated into an electronic chip, say researchers. One of the biggest bottlenecks to miniaturisation in modern electronics is the fact that [...]

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IoT Security and the Cost-to-Care Ratio


Here, we take a closer look at IoT security in terms of the "Care-to-Cost" ratio - e.g. are manufacturers and product developers prepared to pay more (at least 25% more) to increase security in their offerings and are consumers willing to shell out for enhanced security? The further we travel into IoT territory, the more the potential for innovation becomes apparent. According to latest estimates, 25 to 50 billion devices will be connected through IoT by 20201,2. This journey isn’t without its challenges – particularly in terms of security.  There can be no denying the need to tackle spiralling data and privacy concerns.  But – as always – the bottom line is cost and demand; the “Cost to Care” ratio, if you will. This term came to prominence when Boston-based information services [...]

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Electronics news round-up March 2015


March 2015 was an exciting month in terms of happenings in the electronics sector, so we thought we'd do a quick round-up for you: 1. Europe’s electronics industry still strong Europe’s electronics industry is in recovery right now, says economist Nenad Pacek, founder and president of Global Success Advisors and co-founder of the CEEMEA business group said: “The electrical and electronics manufacturing industry is showing definite signs of recovery, especially in Europe, the US and Japan, and despite recent currency downturns in certain areas, emerging markets are still an important focus area for the industry.” “Companies should ask themselves if their businesses in emerging markets are sustainable. Competition is extreme and will get worse in the coming years – companies that make investments in these markets now will experience the benefits [...]

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