13 Free Electronics Design Tools & PCB Design Software


13 Free Electronics Design Tools & PCB Design Software 13 Free Electronics Design Tools & PCB Design Software Read our guide to 13 top free electronics design tools and PCB design software including freeware. Our embedded systems engineers have been looking at some of the most useful free electronics design tools available today. If you are looking to predict PCB characteristics, manipulate screens or some other embedded systems task - check out our handy list. Hopefully, you’ll find something to add to your toolkit that will help improve your workflow… 1. Audacity - audio editing Audacity is a comprehensive software kit for editing audio files and adding sound effects. It works with several file types, including OGG, WMA, MP3, and WAV for [...]

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Saving time and money on testing embedded hardware


Putting design and production tests in their place Recent high-profile product recalls and failures have shown that even the most experienced and well-funded company can suffer from the limitations of product testing when testing embedded hardware. A product goes through two fundamental types of test. The first is of the design itself and the second is production testing of a product. These two categories have different aims and this article sets out to explore the differences. Increasing pressure on timescales and the relentless pace of new technology introductions can pressurise companies to reduce design testing to a minimum. Conversely, production testing can be over-engineered to no great effect, resulting in increased production costs and a false sense of security, with testing of a design carried out in production, rather [...]

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11 steps to successful hardware troubleshooting


ByteSnap's article on how to successfully troubleshoot hardware appeared in embedded.com Successful Hardware Troubleshooting When the Gantt charts are drawn up at the beginning of a project, perhaps the hardest part for the hardware engineer to estimate is the debug phase of a product development. It is also one of the most ignored sections in planning. CAD tools have progressed over the years in terms of ease of use and integration into PCB and mechanical. But ultimately, the design work is carried out by a person who is not only fallible, but may also be working with incomplete or incorrect data. Some bugs are inevitable on all but the simplest designs and so the art of troubleshooting these bugs is all-important. For the full original article on hardware troubleshooting, [...]

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