Top 5 Tips For Developing Secure Android Applications


These days, developing secure Android applications is more important than ever before. Android now commands 76% of the smartphone market in the EU5¹, 67% in the US and nearly 80% in China, according to latest figures². With numbers like that, it’s no wonder the Android application development gold rush is continuing; nearly a quarter of a million apps have been added to Google Play so far in 2016³. That’s an average of 1,379 apps every day! However, with Accessibility Clickjacking, Stagefright, Triada and other malware among the growing list of Android exploits, developers simply cannot afford to place security anywhere other than at top of the priority list. With that in mind, in this article we’re taking a look at some best practice tips for developing secure Android applications. [...]

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IoT Security and the Cost-to-Care Ratio


Here, we take a closer look at IoT security in terms of the "Care-to-Cost" ratio - e.g. are manufacturers and product developers prepared to pay more (at least 25% more) to increase security in their offerings and are consumers willing to shell out for enhanced security? The further we travel into IoT territory, the more the potential for innovation becomes apparent. According to latest estimates, 25 to 50 billion devices will be connected through IoT by 20201,2. This journey isn’t without its challenges – particularly in terms of security.  There can be no denying the need to tackle spiralling data and privacy concerns.  But – as always – the bottom line is cost and demand; the “Cost to Care” ratio, if you will. This term came to prominence when Boston-based information services [...]

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ByteSnap’s Custom Embedded Systems Projects & Electronics Consultancy


For ByteSnap Design, 2009 was a year of growth. The company’s expertise in custom embedded systems projects - including electronics design, Windows CE and Windows mobile BSP developments - has helped it to deliver a growing number of successful embedded devices on behalf of its clients. ByteSnap Design’s team and expertise has expanded to accommodate demand for professional services in the electronics sector, and the company’s design for the Windows CE demand response system for a smart meter has helped it to win an ICT Excellence Award for Best Added Value Product. In September, ByteSnap Design also launched SnapUI, a lightweight XML tool to deliver flexible, custom user interfaces for Windows CE devices and Windows Mobile applications. Custom Embedded Systems Projects This Year A sample of successful embedded design [...]

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