EV Charging: PlugFest 2018 Review


EV Charging: PlugFest 2018 Review PlugFest 2018 - so what was it really like? An update now on our VIGIL Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) project! We’ve been busy working alongside our consortium partners on the foundation of our pioneering V2G platform. ByteSnap is developing the OCPP module and companion app for the V2G system. As part of our VIGIL project R&D, two ByteSnap engineers took part in an international EV testing symposium recently. They’re held at different destinations around the world each year and this was our first time at such an event. So, was it worth it…? Read our Q & A and find out… PlugFest 2018 Review – Q & A Where and when? The 10th International Testing Symposium was held on [...]

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New Electronics: Embedded software testing is as important as hardware test


Embedded software testing is a discipline that is both easier and more efficient if it can be conducted concurrently with software development, and preferably with the hardware. The extent to which this can be done varies. For example, ByteSnap, a design consultancy specialising in embedded system development, can be presented with projects at the concept level and so the complete design flow – hardware and software – is in its hands. To read the full article please go to: http://www.newelectronics.co.uk/electronics-technology/testing-embedded-software-is-as-important-as-hardware-test/58850/

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