World’s 1st Dog Translation App: DingoLingo by ByteSnap

World’s 1st Dog Translation App: DingoLingo by ByteSnap

World’s 1st Dog Translation App: DingoLingo by ByteSnap

Here at ByteSnap Design, we are excited to have taken the bond between Man and Dog to an unprecedented level, with our new, groundbreaking Android app: DingoLingo.

We believe our DingoLingo dog translation app is a world first.  It follows extensive work and research, and is the brainchild of our Director – and resident dog whisperer – Dunstan Power.

 See the World’s First Dog Translation App DingoLingo in Action

“It’s taken a few years to get it to this stage and we’re very proud of DingoLingo. It is part of the major Internet of Things phenomenon, and our speciality in developing smart devices has come to the fore in this innovative project,” says Dunstan, who firmly rejects criticism that the app is little more than a gimmick.

“My staff teased me when I first came up with the idea…you know, the usual…that DingoLingo was a “wuff idea”, and I was “barking up the wrong tree”.  But this is very serious,” continued Dunstan. “Many people depend on their dogs for company and the pet devices sector is one of the fastest-growing technology markets. I knew I was on the right track from the start with DingoLingo.  It’s been put through its paces during an extensive test period, and the app has an accuracy rate of up to 97%.”

DingoLingo Android App2

Poodle Translate Translation Engine

ByteSnap says the app is based  on “Poodle Translate”; its own translation engine based on “Bark-Wave-Technology” – an innovative sound algorithm that they developed which picks up nuances in dog noises to detect mood. The engine can keep track of multiple “entities” based on pitch, tone and amplitude, which can lead to the easy decoding of a neighbourhood barking conversation.

The DingoLingo app has been in beta testing for the last 18 months with different dog breeds internationally. It is also being tested by several key organisations that use dogs for security and protection. The market potential is huge.

Canine Communication: Exciting New Insights Through DingoLingo

“Early results were very encouraging, confirming that dogs are, indeed, very intelligent, and also culturally aware,” confirmed Mr Power. “We learnt that dogs lacking stimulation are more inclined to focus on food; while some dogs were unhappy with their owner’s choice of friends. Upon further investigation, in one instance, we discovered that a dog was being scared by a cat on purpose by a so-called friend. This has led to friendship termination. Many Rovers wanted their name changed, and a lot of Shih Tzus and Pomeranians just want to get dirty, and are major Justin Bieber fans.”

DingoLingo Android App with Poodle Translate

Mr Power concluded, “To take communication between man and his best friend to the ultimate level of translation of woofs-to-speech is an achievement we’re immensely proud of.”

Due to external interest, ByteSnap is already planning to expand their translation engine further, adding in support for other household pets, including cats and goldfish.

DingoLingo Cheat Sheet

•    World’s First Dog Translator
•    Developed by UK electronic consultants ByteSnap Design
•    Deploys newly-developed Poodle Translate translation engine
•    Based on Bark-Wave RF technology
•    Analyses dog noises in real time
•    Tested on 60 dog breeds

DingoLingo Android App: Woof to Words in Seconds

**No release date for the DingoLingo app; expressions of interest are being taken for one day only – April 1st. **

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