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Design Rescue Service: Fixing Electronics and Software Product Designs

We Can Help by Fixing Electronics and Software Product Designs

Deadlines being missed?

Confidence falling in your product launch?

Production stopped?

At ByteSnap, we’re experts at fixing electronics and software product designs.

Whether it’s due to losing key members of staff, a lack of resources, or uncovering a technical skill gap, there can be many reasons for technical projects falling behind.

Delays frustrate technical and management teams and could trigger financial and reputation damage if a product launch is delayed, or – even worse – if it fails during the launch.

The dreaded words “stop ship” can cost a company dearly with many knock of effects leading to financial loss or even penalties from customers.

ByteSnap can help get your project back on track by fixing your electronics and software product designs with our Design Rescue Service.

Whether this means reviewing your circuit diagram, PCB design or PCB layout, replacing some components, debugging software or starting from scratch to deliver robust code or an electronic device, ByteSnap’s Design Rescue Service can show you the way forward on your product development.

Fixing electronics and software designs – PCB Board

We can support your team in several disciplines. Our expertise and resources cover:

Schematic circuits

3D design

High speed digital hardware design

Industrial design / Mechanical Design

Predictable designs

Firmware development

Application development / Embedded Linux development

Accelerated User Interface development – using our lightweight, UI system SnapUI

Manufacturing support…and much more

ByteSnap’s Design Rescue Service – How it Works:

The hardest part of the process can be making a start. We make that easy – just give us a call for an initial free consultation

A brief consultation with one of our senior engineers to establish the problem and understand the device or system involved

Towards the end of the initial free consultation, we will state whether or not we can help, and give you an estimate of the time and cost involved

Our engineering experts will be assigned to the job, carrying out a detailed design review, modifying the system and testing the changes to get to the root cause of the problem

We discuss the changes and assist planning the next steps for your project. This could involve a verifying the changes with a limited production run, or releasing modified software to a few key customers

The design changes are pushed into production for implementation. ByteSnap supports you throughout the entire Design Rescue process

Why Use ByteSnap’s Design Rescue Service?

Electronics components going obsolete before the design is finished

Inappropriate hardware selection for parts which the system is built around

Obsolescence workarounds are no possible or cost effective

Intermittent failures of equipment in the field

“We-can-learn-that” confidence which is now hindering the design process, adding delays to product launch

Project-critical design engineers leaving the business

Melt down in another product which requires all hands on deck

Operating system is no longer supported or secure

…reason for reading to this point

We’re Experienced in Fixing Electronics and Software Product Designs

Whether the design is stuck in the early stages of development or has been in production many years, we can help.

With several years’ experience in fixing electronics and software product designs, ByteSnap’s engineering consultants can review your system and give you a straight answer on the best next steps.

We will quickly analyze your project and advise on the best approach for rescue. We will also provide you with realistic delivery timelines.

Fixing Electronics and Software Product Designs – Engineering consultants

Your Project is in Safe Hands with ByteSnap

We do not feature case studies from our Design Rescue Service clients as this service is provided with particular sensitivity and discretion.However, be assured – ByteSnap is deeply technical and we deliver.
[You can see other customer feedback on our Client Testimonials and Case Study pages.]

Your project is in safe hands with ByteSnap’s Design Rescue Service.

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Our technical experts have helped many businesses by rescuing their projects; allowing them to deliver on their promises, maintain reputation, take market share and retain their pride in the products they supply to the market.

There is no harm in giving us a call to start securing your project’s success.