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IoT Design Services & M2M Devices

Meeting All of Your Internet of Things & Machine to Machine Design Needs

Find out how ByteSnap can help with your IOT project

Broad IoT Product Experience

From ultra low power wireless through to high performance embedded-Linux platforms

Hardware and Software Under One Roof

Designing end-end IoT technologies for our customers

Simple Business Model

No long-term licensing, complex royalties, opaque IP ownership. We design an IP for you to own and use

IoT Design Services & M2M Devices

IoT products (Internet of Things) are a network of devices that are connected with systems, people and other applications.

M2M devices (Machine to Machine) are a pair of machines that are working together, without any human interaction between them.


The IoT device and M2M technology markets present the most exciting opportunities for product designers today. Whether you are targeting the logistics, telecare, energy, smart home and smart devices or the automotive industry, we have expertise in a wide variety of relevant IoT product design areas and can help to bring your connected devices to market quickly and on budget.

We have built up experience across a large array of IoT and M2M projects, where our specialist embedded software development, hardware design and technology expertise has ensured successful product roll-out. From expert design troubleshooting, to early EMC testing, we provide a range of flexible IoT design services to suit your needs.

Our strong expertise as IoT consultants in smart home device development has been recognised by the British Engineering Excellence Awards 2016 for our work with innovative smart home security device Cocoon. We have also delivered devices for smart heating and voice control as part of our work to support companies looking to gain early mover status in the growing smart home sector. More recently we have been recognised as ‘Design Team of the Year’ in the prestigious 2019 Elektra Awards.

ByteSnap has a breadth of IoT connected device and technology experience, including:

· Zigbee heating and control systems & custom modules
· LoRa based IoT solutions for long range
· GSM products for worldwide use
· Bluetooth & Bluetooth Low Energy
· Wifi Products
· Narrow band-RF products


At ByteSnap Design, our extensive experience, knowledge and skills in electronic prototype design and IoT software development. This means we’re able to rapidly design and build innovative electronic products. We also provide support when selecting manufacturers that implement design controls practices for IoT devices. We have close partner relationships that ensure prototypes and products are designed to the requirements of both our clients and those of notified bodies.

Communications for IoT Product Development

IoT Technology

Example Applications

Data Rate



WiredShort range or high power******
  • Simple design
  • Power problems negated
  • Simple compliance testing
  • High reliability
  • High data rates possible
  • Expensive when range increases
  • High installation cost
BluetoothHealth and medical sensors****
  • Low power
  • Common standard
  • Supported by mobile phones and tablets
  • Short range (better with BT 5)
ZigbeeSmart home***
  • Mesh networking creates large networks with low power
  • Mesh networks are complex to manage and develop for a large numbers of nodes
LoRaRemote sensors**
  • 10km range possible
  • Higher power than BT/Zigbee
LoRa WANCity wide water metering*
  • A standard
  • Gateways are relatively cheap
  • Very low power system operation
  • Inflexible usage model
  • Ultra low data rate
SigFoxNational water metering*
  • A standard
  • Gateways are relatively cheap
  • Very low power system operation
  • Single vendor for ICs
  • Lots of installed infrastructure that can be used
  • Cheaper node and data costs than GSM
  • Inflexible usage model
  • Ultra low data rate
  • Contracts currently required
  • Coverage is still patchy compared to GSM
GSMNationwide/international IoT systems****
  • The only real solution for national deployment without deploying gateways
  • High data rates possible
  • Well understood and developed technology
  • High power
  • SIM contracts required meaning on-going costs beyond deployment
  • Differing international standards


We offer experience and reliable support throughout the IoT product development, with both software and electronics engineers working side-by-side on projects to identify the best solution for each client.


We’re Not Just Software Engineers

We are experts in IoT electronics with an integrated hardware and software team. However, we also have the know-how to communicate with all design engineers including mechanical engineers and system suppliers.

Complete IoT Design or Team Integration

We are flexible in our approach. If you have your own team, we can support your existing employees. If you have a great idea and need end-to-end design, we cover all stages of the embedded design process.

We Focus a Solution to Your IOT Problem

From using off the shelf electronics to fully bespoke designs, we choose the best course of development for you. Most importantly, we are not tied to franchises and offer the full freedom of today’s technology.

Experience the Security of Consistency

You will be assigned your own experienced project manager and engineer. They will then stay with you throughout the full design process.

Technical Spec for New IoT Product

We work with existing customer specifications, or can generate a complete technical spec for a new product.

Designing for Longevity

We design long term products and work to solve obsolescence.


For over 10 years, clients have engaged ByteSnap Design to deliver exceptional electronic design projects. We are trusted by IoT organisations across the UK and beyond, providing them with business and deep technical expertise under one roof. Easily integrating into your team, our outsourced support is available throughout the IoT product development life cycle.


From start-ups to blue chips, ByteSnap’s electronic design engineers and software developers are enabling companies to stay a step ahead by providing them with bespoke IoT design services. Maintain your competitive edge by working with ByteSnap Design.

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How can ByteSnap help you today?

ByteSnap’s design teams are enabling companies to stay a step ahead with IoT product design by providing them with bespoke solutions. Maintain your competitive edge – contact us today and let your business be among them!