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Our products help accelerate your electronic device design and development. Which ones will you use on your project?


ByteSnap’s powerful-yet-lightweight user interface builder is intuitive and easy to use. SnapUI has been specifically designed for product development on multiple platforms, including Linux, QNX, Windows desktop and Windows CE. SnapUI packs a punch despite its small footprint.

RAY: Smart Charge Point Communications Controller

RAY is a smart charge point communications controller supporting both AC charge points and DC chargers using the latest communication standards. It’s a small, add-in printed circuit board that supports functions specific to the charge and discharge of vehicles attached to the charger, allowing load balancing to be performed.


Our ZigBee metering product, the ZMM-01, can be deployed for fast integration of power metering and control with ZigBee wireless support into OEM products, such as street-lighting controls and micro power generators.

Other products include SnapProdNet, a rapid Production Testing tool

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Smart home security product development

Discover how we worked within a technically challenging footprint to develop embedded hardware for an industry-changing smart home security system

“ByteSnap Definitely the Right Choice”

“We’ve had a great experience working with ByteSnap. From our initial meeting with them we were impressed with their knowledge and professionalism, and their input helped shape our final solution.”

Low-power, high performance intrinsically safe design

We’re experts in low-power mobile device hardware and software. Learn how we brought smartphone-like power and ease of use to our client’s intrinsically safe device product range

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