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Custom Electronic Board Design
Peak Performance

Expertly Engineered Solutions to Boost Your Product's Reliability

ByteSnap’s PCB designers quickly understand your spec for quick turnaround

Faster Time-to-Market
with Expert Designs

Enhanced Product Performance and Reliability

Customised Solutions Meeting Your Specific Needs

Avoid Costly Mistakes and Delays

Poorly designed electronic boards can lead to product failures, costly redesigns, and missed market opportunities.

Ensure your product’s success with our precise and reliable electronic board design services.

Why Choose ByteSnap for Your Electronic Board Design?

Engineering Team

Trusted PCB designers
for companies worldwide
since 2008


Tailored to meet your specific requirements
and industry standards

Precision PCBs

Our designs
ensure optimal performance
and reliability

Your Expert Partner for Electronic Board Design

At ByteSnap, we understand the critical role electronic boards play in your product’s success. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing high-quality, customised design solutions that meet your unique needs.

We cover all custom printed circuit board (PCB) & electronic board design from low-volume electronic prototypes to high-volume, complex products with embedded systems.

From initial product concept through development to prototyping, production and long-term support and maintenance, our consultancy has the experience, expertise and extensive test facilities to ensure your embedded electronics project is a success.

Since 2008, we’ve been designing PCBs for several applications – rugged devices for harsh environments, access control, consumer products, and much more.

Whatever your PCB design or circuit board requirements, we are confident we have a solution!

How it works:

1: Discover
Define & Design

Initial Steps to Success - Partnering with you to shape and confirm your design specifications

2: Schematics
& PCB Layout

Crafting the Blueprint - Developing detailed schematics and precise PCB layouts

3: Prototype (Hardware)
Test & Manufacture

Perfection in Production - we rigorously test hardware prototypes to guarantee quality & performance before manufacturing

We can help throughout the whole product development & production process, from concept, technical spec and feasibility study; design and simulation; schematic capture and schematic diagram design using schematic symbols; through to physical PCB layout and prototyping.

Our team of experts is well-versed in the intricacies of circuit board design, including detailed schematics, layout software, component placement, and PCB routing. By matching PCB design rules and methods with specifications and tolerances, we ensure optimal electrical connectivity between electronic components for a successful electronic product design.

We also offer testing and EMC pre-compliance help, as well as thorough inspections throughout the manufacturing process, including the testing of the boards, before advising on external manufacturing and providing functional testing.

With our thorough process and attention to detail, we can guarantee a good idea for your electronic product design and the final product.

As an essential part of the PCB design process, we use advanced tools, such as the high-quality PCB design software system from Altium Designer, to simulate the circuitry and ensure its functionality through circuit simulation before moving on to physical production.

Our commitment to producing a successful electronic product design is evident in every step of our process, from design to production.

This includes using PCB design tools for high-quality design and simulation to streamline the process and ensure the best results for your electronic product, incorporating the necessary electronic components for peak performance.

Our experts also pay close attention to the board layout, ensuring all components are properly placed and connected for optimal performance.

You can trust ByteSnap's experienced hardware team to design your custom PCBs:

We’re Not Just Hardware Engineers

With an integrated hardware and software team, we are experts in embedded electronics. We also have the know how to communicate with all design engineers including mechanical and system suppliers.

Complete Solution, Team Integration

We are flexible in our approach. If you have your own team, we can support your existing employees. Or if you need end-to-end design, we can cover all stages of the embedded system design process.

We Focus on a Solution to Your Problem

From using off the shelf electronics to fully bespoke designs, we choose the best course of development for you. Most importantly, we are not tied to franchises and offer the full freedom of today’s technology.

Experience the Security of Consistency

You will be assigned your own experienced project manager and engineer. They will then stay with you throughout the full bespoke PCB design process.

Own Your End Product IP

Having ownership of your IP gives your business the competitive edge and flexibility for future modifications. This also reduces your risk for copycat products.

Broad Array of Project Experience

We do not focus on a single market vertical. Due to our broad array of project experience, we are certain that we have experience in your industry sector.


ByteSnap Design’s hardware engineers provide customised solutions to keep your business ahead in a fast-paced tech landscape. Our expert team applies the latest technologies to meet your unique needs and challenges.
From designing hardware components and engineering complex projects to developing embedded systems, we offer unmatched expertise and support.

Explore our client testimonials to see how we can help your business thrive:

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We’ve used our expertise to put together a handy checklist for the 21 steps to take your new electronic product from design, through manufacturing and to market.