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SnapTerm is a command line debug tool, running on the embedded host device

SnapTerm uses the serial port to communicate with a host PC. It includes a command interface to allow the user easy access to device driver test routines, running applications, listing and killing running processes, registry operations and many more critically useful development operations. SnapTerm can be left running when in production to allow easy maintenance support and field diagnostics, it is also a key part of the factory test package running device tests on behalf of the C# PC factory application.

SnapTerm Code

SnapProdNet Product

See also our SnapProdNet product which manages the execution of factory tests.

“High Standards of Quality Control”

“Working with ByteSnap has proven to be the most satisfactory experience. Their competence and professionalism has helped take us from a top-level FPGA design all the way through to a finished product. Their high standards of quality control meant that an on-site Underwriters Laboratories audit went without a hitch. In short, we would not hesitate to use ByteSnap’s services again, nor to recommend them in glowing terms.”

Richard Marangos – Project Manager, Viasystems Group Inc

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