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NXP Processor Development – i.MX7ULP

NXP Processor Development – i.MX7ULP

We can help – ByteSnap’s engineering consultants are experts in NXP processor development.

We’ve been working with i.MX processors for over 11 years and are an NXP Gold Partner.

Many i.MX developments we’ve done are cost-sensitive targeted designs, requiring the most out of the silicon and choosing the lowest variant of CPU – be that single, dual or quad core where available.

The i.MX7ULP processor targets low power devices.  This, coupled with ByteSnap’s OpenGL-accelerated SnapUI graphics framework, is a great match for your next battery-powered or low power device.   Watch the video below to see the i.MX7ULP in action.

Our Expertise

With over fifty i.MX6 engagements alone your iMX development is in safe hands with us. You can rely on our experience – which spans iMX series processors from i.MX8, i.MX7 and i.MX7ULP, iMX6, iMXRT, iMX51/53, iMX23/25/28 and more – to deliver.

And our expertise in Linux, Android, and Windows Embedded development will help accelerate your product design phases to get to market.

NXP Processor Development – i.MX7ULP

NXP have an exciting range of devices – such as super low power models like the i.MX7ULP running a dual core A7 and M4. The i.MX7ULP can independently run its M4 core for background monitoring; it can then wake the Linux core to support accelerated graphics or other higher level functions as required.

The i.MX8 range of CPUs is an evolution from the i.MX6, using multi core A72/53/35 with M4/M7 companion cores for powerful embedded tasks.

NXP Processor Development expertise – why choose ByteSnap?

  • ByteSnap Design is an NXP Gold Partner – which means a custom, robust, high quality design and piece of mind for you
  • Our history of many i.MX hardware designs can accelerate your next product
  • We can offer you Low/High power custom designs, from battery to mains powered
  • High speed integration with FPGA and other complex electronics is among our specialisms
  • With OS BSP support, we can cover you on configuration and drivers for
    • Linux
    • Android
    • QNX
    • Windows Embedded
  • We have a history of video experience:
    • Camera driver work for new sensors
    • Interfacing to support hardware encoding/decoding of JPG, MP4 and other formats with i.MX hardware blocks
    • GStreamer integration, optimised pipelines, motion detection, scaling and colour space conversion, using i.MX6 hardware

“ByteSnap Clearly at the Top of Their Field”

“Our products are used across the globe by leading broadcasters, so it’s essential that we maintain first-class standards across the value chain.ByteSnap are flexible, responsive and deeply technical; they’ve provided excellent technical expertise and support as we’ve developed our industry-leading technology.In particular, their embedded Linux and OpenGL knowledge has made a real difference to our product development.”ByteSnap are clearly at the top of their field and we look forward to collaborating with them on future projects.”

Brian Larter – Director, CueScript

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From start-ups to blue chips, ByteSnap’s embedded systems software developers are enabling companies to stay a step ahead by providing them with bespoke solutions. Maintain your competitive edge – contact us today and let your business be among them!