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Intrinsically Safe Win CE Device

Intrinsically Safe Win CE Device


When Geotech wanted a new generation of intrinsically safe landfill and biogas analysers, it asked ByteSnap Design to design the devices. The team’s state of the art solution was a prototype based on a Win CE Device; bringing smartphone-like power and ease-of-use to Geotech’s intrinsically safe device product range.

The new analysers are the first gas analysers approved for Zone 0 (the most hazardous gas or vapour) environments to be based upon an on-board operating system – in this case Windows CE.

To meet the requirements for Zone 0 environments, ByteSnap Design had to meet exacting safety requirements, for example, ensuring that no heat was dissipated within the box. Using a full custom board design and writing all the device’s software in-house, the team created a very low power design that consumed fewer than 800mW under heavy load. Further, the Win CE device offered many of the features associated with a modern smartphone, these included:

  • GPS for tracking meter reading locations and route planning
  • Bluetooth for communications
  • Compass
  • Accelerometer
  • TFT LCD screen
  • Keypad
  • Audio

The user interface was developed using ByteSnap Design’s SnapUI software to create a user-friendly interface that required minimal operator training.

“Great Credentials, Proven Track Record”

“They had great credentials and a proven track record in both hardware and firmware development for Windows CE applications, along with some experience of intrinsically safe design.  Very quickly, ByteSnap designed and implemented both the hardware and O/S for the new platform.  I’d happily recommend ByteSnap for this type of work, and would work with them again.”

- Steve Earp – Project Manager, Geotechnical Instruments Ltd

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