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ByteSnap Win ELEKTRA 2022 IoT Product of the Year


Prestigious IoT Product of the Year Award for ByteSnap’s ATEX product design

ByteSnap is proud to share that we have won the IoT Product of the Year Award at the prestigious 2022 ELEKTRAs!

Celebrating the ELEKTRA IoT Product of the Year Award (L-R): Dunstan Power, Director, ByteSnap; Gurvinder Boparai, Senior Software Engineer, ByteSnap; Shani Lu, IoT Manager, Inductosense; Nigel Fishlock, Project Manager, ByteSnap; Hanyu Cen, IoT Engineer, Inductosense; Graeme Wintle, Director, ByteSnap

We are thrilled to have beaten ten other entries to win the hotly-contested IoT Product category.

Our team has been recognised for their highly-skilled engineering on the WAND RDC product design for Inductosense.

Judges: “WAND RDC – smart solution to serious & increasing challenge”

An awards spokeswoman said the judges chose WAND RDC as the ELEKTRA 2022 IoT Product of the Year, hailing it “a smart solution to a serious and increasing challenge, with obvious real-world benefits to companies and the environment.

“They were impressed by the precision and lifetime of the product and its ability to withstand challenging conditions.”


WAND RDC IoT Product of the Year

The increase in late life offshore platforms means internal corrosion and erosion is an escalating challenge and a major cause of pipeline failure. Operators need cost-effective, low power simplistic methods to accurately monitor internal wall loss across their assets, while meeting strict ATEX requirements.

The Inductosense WAND Remote Data Collector was designed to address these market challenges.

WAND Remote Data Collector (or WAND RDC) system which offers an automated way of monitoring internal corrosion and erosion, especially for oil and gas pipelines.

A 3-part ultrasonic sensor technology generates precise, repeatable wall thickness readings for accurate internal corrosion monitoring and trending for predictive maintenance.

With five years battery life, ByteSnap built the system from the ground up to ensure optimised, ultra-low power.

Carrying out skilled and complex engineering, ByteSnap’s engineers ensured the device achieved demanding ATEX certification, given to equipment that is proved safe for environments with explosive atmospheres.

ByteSnap WAND RDC development team was led by:

  • Dunstan Power – Account Manager
  • Nigel Fishlock – Project Manager
  • Gurvinder Boparai – Lead Software Engineer
  • Rob Strange – Lead Hardware Engineer

Director Dunstan Power, said winning the IoT Product of the Year Award at the ELEKTRA finals last night, is a testament to his teams expertise and ingenuity.

“We are absolutely delighted to have come out on top in a group of eleven outstanding IoT product designs. It was a very tight, impressive category.” said Dunstan.

“It’s been great to work on the WAND RDC project with the first-class team at Inductosense, who are doing some fantastic innovation for the Oil and Gas industry.

“We faced several challenges on the development, such as PCB constraints and achieving ultra low power for the device – all to demanding ATEX standards.  But we came through to help deliver an industry-leading product.

“ATEX design is niche, with incredibly stringent compliance requirements involving complex computations.  I am proud of the expert engineering skills we have at ByteSnap and it’s an honour for us to receive recognition from the ELEKTRA award judges.”

Inductosense Wand RDC - IoT Product of the Year designed with ByteSnap

WAND RDC design – first of its kind in the world

Dr. Chenghuan Zhong, Chief Technology Officer, Inductosense said:

The WAND RDC is a hugely exciting development for both Inductosense and ByteSnap, it’s fantastic that the innovation behind this product has been recognised by Elektra with the IoT Product of the Year award! 

“Inductosense and ByteSnap worked hard to achieve a world first 8 channel ultrasonic IoT device that operates in Zone 0 environments, with 5 years+ battery life and 200 metres communication distance using Bluetooth 5.0.

“ByteSnap’s experience on the ATEX and communication designs play a critical role in this success. The design has addressed the challenges of existing corrosion monitoring solutions that our customers face, such as battery failures, obsolescence, high upfront and recurring costs, significant downtime to install. This also shows Inductosense full commitment in digitalisation. 

A very well deserved win, congratulations to the whole Inductosense and ByteSnap team!”

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