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Dive Into ByteSnap's Marine Demo & Latest Designs at EDS 2023


Visit the ByteSnap Team on Stand H52 at EDS 2023

Join our engineering experts and see ByteSnap’s industry-leading electronics and software designs at EDS 2023, where you can discover how we can shorten your time to market.

The Engineering Design Show takes place 11 – 12 October at Coventry Building Society Arena.

It’s the UK’s biggest show for engineering, electronics and embedded design, providing an opportunity to access the latest in services and innovations as well as a whole range of workshops on industry trends and best practice.

Patent-Pending, Industry-Leading Technology - EDS 2023 Stand Highlights

At ByteSnap we are proud to work with companies worldwide to deliver electronics and software product designs across multiple sectors – marine being one of them. See a display of our latest marine project on Stand H52.

The demonstration features a responsive marine lighting system which changes accordingly to the music played.

Also, in an industry first, the lighting system also to the movements of the vessel, via patent-pending technology developed with ByteSnap.

The system is fully connected to the boat’s standard controllers providing a smooth experience for end users. For extra convenience, the lights can also be controlled through a custom app.

You’ll also be able to see a demonstration of how the system recognises and responds to different sound waves.

Some ByteSnap services deployed on the project include:


  • electronics, schematics and PCB layout
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • prototype production testing



  • firmware development
  • drivers and debugging for Linux
  • phone app, web interface and MFD device application

Learn more about our popular Redesign Service

Talk to our team about how our Redesign Service can benefit you. 

We provide a fast turnaround, while empowering you to maintain control and flexibility of your product development.

Manufacturers and innovators are bridging their resources gaps with our Redesign Service, where our expertise includes:

  • Replacing Obsolete or Hard-to-Find Components
  • Product Optimisation
  • Complete PCB redesign, based on improved product idea
  • Embedded Software Development
Want to replace project frustrations with flexibility and rapid route to market?  Be sure to book a meeting with our consultants.

Product Design Success - ByteSnap’s EDS 23 Presentation

ByteSnap Director, Dunstan Power, will be doing a presentation on ‘Electronic Design Philosophy: Taking your Product Idea from Doodle to Design Success’.

The journey from ideation to successful electronic product market launch is a complex one. Many people, including those outside of engineering, often conceive innovative ideas for electronic products. 

However, the vast majority of these never make it to market – even when they originate from experienced engineering teams.

Join Dunstan Power for this conference session as he provides best practices to help you improve your electronic product design and manufacturing process to make your product idea a reality.

The presentation is on Wednesday 11th October at 2:15pm.

Engineering Design Show 2023 Starts In...


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