Why Can’t I Use Raspberry Pi for My Embedded Design Project?

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Here’s Why You Can’t Use Raspberry Pi For Your Project Have you ever worked on a project that started out like this? And ended up looking like this? The initial impression of a clear-cut solution that could be delivered on time and under budget has been washed away. Unfortunately, misconceptions around different technology and a […]

Design for Prototype Testing

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How to Optimise Your Prototyping Process Prototype Testing – What and Why? When designing a new printed circuit board (PCB), there are several things we can do to produce a useful first-time prototype and allow for easier debugging. A typical approach often looks like this: This first prototype is likely to be the most expensive […]

Design trade-offs for product development


Design trade-offs for product development ByteSnap is in the business of designing new products for customers, and one of the pleasures of product development is hearing about interesting new ideas customers have and trying to work out a good route to market for them. Once the project has been discussed, the conversation often follows this course: […]