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IoT Product Design: 7 Big Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

Avoiding the most common pitfalls in IoT product design The Internet of Things IoT market is booming in the UK and worldwide, and is expected to do so for many years to come. Smart connected devices in industry, enterprise and at the consumer level continue to see growth in adoption, and any business successfully innovating can expect […]

Intellectual Property: Background IP vs Foreground IP


Intellectual Property Explained: Background IP, Foreground IP and More **Updated 26th April 2024 with New IP Quiz** Disclaimer: Intellectual Property: Foreground IP vs Background IP has been written as a guide/explainer and does not constitute legal advice. It is provided for educational and research purposes only. It is your responsibility to obtain appropriate advice and […]

Survey: COVID-19 Impact on the Electronics Industry 2021

||COVID-19-Impact-Electronics-Industry-Survey-PCB-soldering|Covid 19 Impact on the Electronics Industry Survey 2021 - blog

COVID 19 Impact on the Electronics Design Industry: Where Are We Now? Help improve understanding on how the Electronics Design Industry is fairing after a year of lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.Take part in our survey – for a few minutes of your time, you have the chance to win a £100 Amazon voucher. […]

How Cellular IoT is taking over the world

How Cellular IoT is taking over the world|||Cellular IoT

How Cellular IoT is taking over the world Cellular IoT connects physical devices (such as sensors) to the internet using essentially the same technology as your smartphone. Instead of needing to create a new, private network to operate your IoT devices, they can piggyback on existing mobile networks. Most low-power devices have historically used GPRS […]

13 Free Electronics Design Tools & PCB Design Software

|Free electronics design tools_Paint.NET|Free electronics design tools_wireshark||Free electronics design tools_TeraTerm|Free electronics design tools_HDD Copy Tool_2|Free electronics design tools_HXD_2|Free electronics design tools - Audacity|Free electronics design tools_GSpot_2|Free electronics design tools_GIMP Image Editor|Free electronics design tools_Findchips_2|Free electronics design tools_Octopart_2|Free electronics design tools_Notepad++2|Free electronics design tools_Microstrip Impedance_2|Free Electronics Design Tools - save time|13 Free Electronics Design Tools _Title Schematic_w|

13 Free Electronics Design Tools & PCB Design Software Read our guide to 13 top free electronics design tools and PCB design software including freeware. Our embedded systems engineers have been looking at some of the most useful free electronics design tools available today.If you are looking to predict PCB characteristics, manipulate screens or some […]

Electronics Design 2016 – Our Top 10 Industry Trends

plasma ball close up|Smart Cars Drive FPGA Development|2016 tech industry predictions - more gesture recognition|Smart home technology||consolidation of mergers|3D Printers grow in popularity|ARM Cortex MO|USB C Standardised|smart metering smartens up

What ByteSnap thinks is in store for the electronics design industry this year… 2015 was a year of colossal expansion across the technology spectrum – notably in the smart home, wearables and automotive sectors.  But what can we expect for 2016?  Here are our top ten predictions for the electronics design industry next twelve months… […]