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Electronics Product & Software Design Feasibility Research Service

ByteSnap Design can save you time and money through its electronic product Feasibility Research service. Our expert team performs a set of pre-design activities that are critical when defining product specification, whilst documenting design challenges and risks.

We help both customers who come with defined requirements for their project, and those with product ideas at a more embryonic stage. It’s here that up-front research can turn a good concept into a brilliant product.

Our Feasibility Research service combines an innovative, brainstorming exercise with rational analysis to understand the product design under the umbrella of customer expectation, budget and project deadlines.

Under Feasibility Research we offer number of steps:

This is a critical decision-making process where we step into the shoes of the end customer to create a rational set of product features and functionality. We work with you to clarify project fundamentals, including:

• Core functionality and key selling parameters
• Key performance parameters
• Competitive product evaluation
• Which market differentiators can be introduced
• Side functionalities which will add value without burdening the system with non-essentials
• The degree of scalability to be pre-planned for future upgrades, to keep up with volatile changes in market demand
• The number of product variants feasible under the metrics of cost, size, weight etc.
• Your expectations for the human-machine interface flow; considering ergonomics, ease of use and learning curve

Once the features have been established, they need translating into a technical requirements specification that can be designed against. We can assist with the drawing up of this specification, taking into account things such as:

•   Power consumption
•   Size
•   Weight
•   Mechanical construction
•   Environmental tolerance
•   Ingress protection
•   Accuracy
•   Safety and immunity requirements
•   EMC requirements

Hard requirements necessitated by statutory standards are differentiated from soft requirements for efficient trade-off in future.

We compare competing technologies and platforms to establish the optimal choice. Such technologies range from wireless communications to real time operating systems (RTOS) to microprocessors and FPGAs.

Our assessment might include power, speed, cost, licensing terms, safety certifications (e.g. SIL) vendor support, community support, performance track record and availability of associated tools, as appropriate.

ByteSnap has customers in many different markets and as such we can recommend technology in one market that may be applicable to your product.

We leverage our experience across a number of industry verticals to evaluate emerging technologies for their suitability to your application and assess their potential to create a winning market differentiator.

All new product developments have some risks attached.

Part of our Feasibility Research service seeks to identify and quantify these and if necessary to find ways to mitigate them. Examples of risks to a product development could be:

• Immaturity of core technologies
• Lack of third party software support
• Component supply or pricing issues

The risks and solutions unearthed will be documented so that you can take account of them when making your commercial and timescale plans.

Sometimes, it is not obvious what compliance standards apply to a product, particularly when it is aimed at multiple geographical regions. ByteSnap can investigate this for you to establish what needs to be met and what sort of cost can be expected at the appropriate test houses.

Before a project is commercially sanctioned, you will want to know not only the development costs but also the expected unit costs. To this end, ballpark (+/- 30%) costs are calculated based on preliminary discussions with prospective parts suppliers.

Once the feasibility study is complete, we can draw up a development proposal to establish the costs and milestone estimates such as first prototypes, golden models, type approval, pilot batch production and testing, production start and production ramp-up.

Our Expertise

Our award-winning technical experts can help you optimise your project to give you the best opportunity to accelerate to market. Get in touch – talk to us about how our engineers can work with you to ensure your development has a firm foundation for project success.

Our Expertise

Our award-winning technical experts can help you optimise your project to give you the best opportunity to accelerate to market. Get in touch – talk to us about how our engineers can work with you to ensure your development has a firm foundation for project success.

Handheld Multimedia Tour Guide

ATS Heritage came to ByteSnap with a requirement for an innovative tour guide product. A key feature was the ability to synchronise audio in multiple languages in an environment with poor WiFi availability. ByteSnap undertook a technical feasibility study to create a approach that works in wirelessly challenging environments.

This involved both mathematical calculations and mocking up the software on a desktop environment to prove it worked. This removed the main risk in the project prior to starting product development.


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