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Visit ByteSnap at CENEX-LCV 2020


ByteSnap to Launch New EV Charger Offerings

ByteSnap is excited to be part of this year’s biggest UK EV industry event.  At CENEX-LCV we’ll be showcasing a host of new EV charging products and services. Highlights include:

  • ByteSnap’s new versatile EV charging solutions – a range of EV-focussed products that will enable you to rapidly develop unique smart chargers
  • Thie launch of MantaRay – a fully-compliant board designed to empower businesses to produce their own unique chargers
  • You’ll be able to access an overview of our OCPP-based stacks, designed to accelerate your development and give you freedom of choice for your back office
  • Also – the newest iteration of EEL, which works with MantaRay to control smart EV chargers, whether AC or DC, and is fully OCPP compliant.

More About CENEX-LCV 2020

The UK’s biggest EV Show, CENEX-LCV, takes place online, 18th & 19th November.

The Low Carbon Vehicle (LCV) event is run by CENEX, the Low Carbon and Fuel Cells Centre of Excellence, which aims to help low emissions through innovative transport and energy infrastructures.

This year’s LCV event is the largest UK-based EV show, covering everything from policy and market development through to technology development.

This year’s CENEX-LCV takes place online, where the virtual exhibition boasts over 200 leading technology exhibitions and an extensive virtual seminar programme featuring industry experts. The exciting format is designed to facilitate online networking within the low-carbon community.

Stand Preview…

Here’s a sneak preview of our new smart communications charge point controller, MantaRay, which will be on display:

But you’ll need to visit ByteSnap’s virtual stand to see our other EV products and to find out our latest, exciting launch!

Looking for development support? Get in touch –  our EV charger design consultancy can help

We’re helping companies around the world save up to two years of development time with flexible hardware and software design solutions.

It’s a fast-moving, dynamic market – so don’t delay, book a discovery call to discuss your requirements.


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