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Extra Terrestrial Spotted


Extra Terrestrial Spotted…

Strange Goings-On In the Skies…

The ByteSnap team were going through the many solar eclipse shots we captured a few days ago – when we spotted something rather perplexing in one of the photos…

See that speck on the picture from our thermal imaging camera?

Original2 object

Is it a bird?  Is it a plane?

   Now – look more closely….

Original2 object Zoomed

The mysterious cloaked figure on a flying bike and with what appears to be a tuba case, only appears in this shot.

We asked around the office and the only person familiar with the aerial curiosity was our Director Graeme – who said his neighbour had an uncle who’d seen a similar figure cycling near his local butchers as a child.

When we asked police for advice on what to do if we came across the strange cyclist – their spokesperson replied, “Do not use force – just tell them to get on their bike.”


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