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Survey: COVID-19 Impact on the Electronics Industry 2021


COVID 19 Impact on the Electronics Design Industry: Where Are We Now?

Help improve understanding on how the Electronics Design Industry is fairing after a year of lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.
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The global impact of COVID-19 pandemic has been extraordinary, to say the least.

Coupled with Brexit, the lockdown has resulted in a significant effect on the UK electronics design industry.
The full impact of this pandemic, both economic and social, has been devastating for many. However, some areas have seen growth, and views on what form  working life should take are still taking shape.

It is clear that, like many other sectors, the electronics design industry has had to adapt and remain agile.

So, a year on from lockdown in the UK, what shape is our industry in now?

We believe it is important to get a snapshot of how our sector is fairing – the successes, the challenges and the outlook for the short- to medium-term – following an unprecedented 2020.

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In our previous Covid-19 impact survey a year ago “Navigating Covid-19: The New Normal”, the overall sentiment was encouraging.

While considerable disruption to the supply chain and a drop in demand was predicted, 23% of respondents had also anticipated an increase in business.

How have electronics design companies coped with the coronavirus pandemic – and how will the landscape change now as we slowly transition out of the lockdowns?
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The current situation

Remote working continues for the most-part, although some businesses are seeing some employees return to work where necessary. General outlook appears encouraging, with businesses investing in new R&D and products to leverage the market recovery.

Another pressing issue faced by the electronic product design sector – global supply chain disruption. Shortages within the semiconductor industry have seen car manufacturers slow production of EVs, while some supply chain managers have been warned of 52-week lead times on some components. Supply chain problems currently remain unresolved.

This is occurring in tandem with an increase in spending on consumer electronics and smart technology, covering areas such as home fitness and healthcare. The sale of consumer electronics is expected to grow by 4.03% in 2021, despite the global contraction.

On top of that, at the beginning of 2021, the UK left the European Union. Primarily, trade and deliveries across the border have been slowed, and there is an increase in paperwork and also in costs for exports and imports.

How can we learn from all of this?

There has been a wide variety of strategies from businesses over the past year, to help cope and thrive in this changed world.
Now, there is a desire and a need to understand how companies dealt with the challenges, and how they are continuing to do so.

Got 5 minutes to help improve understanding of COVID-19’s effects on the electronics industry?

A year on from the unprecedented lockdown, the electronics industry is in a polarised position. Extreme challenges in movement restrictions, supply chain problems, chip shortages and potentially Brexit are competing against the rapid innovation and exciting developments currently occurring.

For 5-10 minutes of your time, we will be able to provide a better understanding of how your peers and the electronics industry as a whole are performing.

Once we have collected the anonymous responses, we’ll share the results with you.

Of course, we appreciate your time is valuable; therefore, at the end of the survey there will be an option to enter a prize draw for a £100 Amazon voucher.

A winner will be randomly drawn once the survey has closed.

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