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IoT Product Design: 7 Big Mistakes (AND How to Avoid Them)

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Avoiding the most common pitfalls of IoT development The Internet of Things IoT market is booming in the UK and worldwide, and is expected to do so for many years to come.Smart connected devices in industry, enterprise and at the consumer level continue to see growth in adoption, and any business successfully innovating can expect […]

Intellectual Property: Background IP vs Foreground IP


Disclaimer: Intellectual Property: Foreground IP vs Background IP has been written as a guide/explainer and does not constitute legal advice. It is provided for educational and research purposes only. It is your responsibility to obtain appropriate advice and legal services and to always read and fully understand all contracts, proposals, agreements, terms and conditions etc. […]

FPGA Design: Connecting Custom Peripherals to AXI Using BRAM Interface

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Download the new eBook: FPGA Design – Interfacing Over AXI Using A Simple Address Data Bus In FPGA design, interfacing over AXI (ARM eXtensible Interface) is an increasingly popular choice due to its status as the most widespread AMBA interface, enabling the connection of potentially hundreds of Masters and Slaves in complex SoCs. However, it […]