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FreeRTOS vs Linux for Embedded Systems

Which operating system is best suited for your embedded systems project – FreeRTOS or Linux? FreeRTOS and Embedded Linux are two popular options for operating system provision in embedded systems. But which should you choose for your electronics product design? In many cases, the decision about which system to use is preferential, as software engineers […]

5 Linux Development Tips for a Happy Life

||Linux development tips for a happy life - Tux the Linux Mascot

Five quick Linux development tips to help with programming productivity Happy Birthday, Tux! It’s the 32nd birthday of the Linux operating system this month. From the inauspicious beginnings of a message posted on a UNIX forum by young Finnish software engineer Linus Torvalds back in 1991, Linux is now part of the technology mainstream. It’s […]

Embedded Linux Security: How to Secure Your IoT devices

||Linux secruity - system software network facing|Linux security - secure hardware|

Best practice tips on using Linux security for your IoT devices Embedded Linux Security for IoT Queries around open source security or securing your Linux system?  We’ve written this guide for you on embedded Linux security for IoT devices. Coming up: We all want a system with no security flaws (vulnerabilities). However, for an IoT […]

How to Debug Your Linux BSP


How to debug your Linux BSP Debugging can be a tiring and repetitive process, fraught with difficulties and tiny mistakes that frustrate even the most experience programmer. This guide will take you through some of the fundamentals of debugging a Linux BSP and how solve some of the main problems that you will encounter when […]

How to tell if hardware has Embedded Linux support

Target Embedded Hardware for Linux|How to tell if hardware has Embedded Linux support|3 - How to tell if hardware has Embedded Linux support|4 - How to tell if hardware has Embedded Linux support|2 - How to tell if hardware has Embedded Linux support|Target Embedded Hardware for Linux|Target Embedded Hardware|target linux hardware

How to tell if hardware has Embedded Linux support When picking out parts for your custom electronics design, it can pay to check up-front for Linux driver support. Writing new drivers for unsupported hardware is time-consuming, introduces risk, and adds complexity to a project. It’s better to select supported hardware. How can we check if […]

WiFi KRACK: Take these four key steps to manage the risk and protect your network

|IoT has a WiFi krack problem|WiFI Krack - ByteSnap can help||||

WiFi KRACK: Four key steps to manage the risk and protect your network When the WPA2 vulnerability, better known as the WiFi KRACK was revealed late last year, what followed was a torrent of concerning headlines suggesting that all WiFi communications could be decrypted. Whilst it is vulnerability at the core of one of the […]

Windows CE OS Migration: Future-proof Your Legacy Windows CE Environment

|Windows CE OS Migration|

Windows CE OS Migration: Developing Your Legacy Windows CE Environment for the Future As end-of-life dates for Windows CE and Mobile OS continue to get closer, our series Windows Embedded Compact Migration: What You Need to Know examines the primary issues around planning for the lack of support/extended support for Microsoft Embedded devices. In Part […]

Secure Boot on the iMX6 – Part 2

|Free electronics design tools_Paint.NET|Free electronics design tools_wireshark||Free electronics design tools_TeraTerm|Free electronics design tools_HDD Copy Tool_2|Free electronics design tools_HXD_2|Free electronics design tools - Audacity|Free electronics design tools_GSpot_2|Free electronics design tools_GIMP Image Editor|Free electronics design tools_Findchips_2|Free electronics design tools_Octopart_2|Free electronics design tools_Notepad++2|Free electronics design tools_Microstrip Impedance_2|Free Electronics Design Tools - save time|13 Free Electronics Design Tools _Title Schematic_w|

Secure Boot on the i.MX6 – Part 2 With embedded systems safety such a hot topic right now, we’re looking at the secure boot on the i.MX6 – one of electronics’ most popular processors. Part one was really an introduction to the secure boot process, examining it in detail.Here, in the second instalment of our […]

Secure Boot on the iMX6 – Part 1

|Secure boot on the imx6 android smartphone|Secure Boot on the imx6 - ByteSnap

Secure Boot on the i.MX6 – Part 1 With the proliferation of IoT – spanning just about everything from smart cities to hardware devices to wireless jewellery – the need to prioritise information security in secure embedded systems has never been greater. The secure boot process is one of the foundation stones of software development […]

BSP Porting: Your 5 Key Steps to Development Success

|BSP Porting Kernel Code & Board|BSP Porting target board 3|ByteSnap Stand M56 Southern Manufacturing Electronics 16_jp|BSP Porting Reference Board|BSP Porting testing table|BSP Porting Kernel Code|ByteSnap BSP Porting Focus on the Bootloader

BSP Porting: Your 5 Key Steps to Development Success Take BSP Porting from Stress to Success When selecting the hardware which will make up the core of your next product, there are many choices. Once this has been decided, BSP porting must be completed to ensure the software elements fit the new hardware. Among the […]