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5 Linux Development Tips for a Happy Life

||Linux development tips for a happy life - Tux the Linux Mascot

Five quick Linux development tips to help with programming productivity Happy Birthday, Tux! It’s the 32nd birthday of the Linux operating system this month. From the inauspicious beginnings of a message posted on a UNIX forum by young Finnish software engineer Linus Torvalds back in 1991, Linux is now part of the technology mainstream. It’s […]

Top 9 Visual Studio Extensions for Software Engineers

|Visual Studio Extensions - Image 1: Linux profiling results with detailed per-line view|Visual Studio Extensions - Image 2: Linux profiling results with detailed per-line view. Source:|Visual Studio Extensions - Image 3:Tooltip information for one of the inline test markers. Source:|Visual Studio Extensions - Image 4a: Screenshot||Colourised braces based on depth and highlighting format specifiers in strings.|Image 7: Highlighted whitespaces at end of lines (Source: )|Image 8: New button in the context menu... (Source: )|Visual Studio Extensions - Image 9 - and and its popup|Visual Studio Extensions - Image 9: New icons for unsupported file extensions (Source: )||Visual Studio Extensions - Image 6: User defined annotations for multiple categories. Source:|

The best Visual Studio extensions to help streamline your software development Trying to figure out the best Visual Studio extensions?  Read our recommendations for the best ones to help accelerate your programming. Most programmers developing complex programs will use an integrated development environment (IDE) to take advantage of its many useful features. Many choose Visual […]

Why IoT Security Will Cost You More

|IoT Security - Transport|IoT Security - Accumulated Data|IoT Security_Device Security

Why IoT Security Will Cost You More IoT security is an increasingly urgent issue, but is still in the early stages of resolution. We take a look at the “Cost to Care” ratio, and why it is set to dictate our responses to this trend for some time to come… The Internet of Things has been […]

Secure Boot on the iMX6 – Part 2

|Free electronics design tools_Paint.NET|Free electronics design tools_wireshark||Free electronics design tools_TeraTerm|Free electronics design tools_HDD Copy Tool_2|Free electronics design tools_HXD_2|Free electronics design tools - Audacity|Free electronics design tools_GSpot_2|Free electronics design tools_GIMP Image Editor|Free electronics design tools_Findchips_2|Free electronics design tools_Octopart_2|Free electronics design tools_Notepad++2|Free electronics design tools_Microstrip Impedance_2|Free Electronics Design Tools - save time|13 Free Electronics Design Tools _Title Schematic_w|

Secure Boot on the i.MX6 – Part 2 With embedded systems safety such a hot topic right now, we’re looking at the secure boot on the i.MX6 – one of electronics’ most popular processors. Part one was really an introduction to the secure boot process, examining it in detail.Here, in the second instalment of our […]

Secure Boot on the iMX6 – Part 1

|Secure boot on the imx6 android smartphone|Secure Boot on the imx6 - ByteSnap

Secure Boot on the i.MX6 – Part 1 With the proliferation of IoT – spanning just about everything from smart cities to hardware devices to wireless jewellery – the need to prioritise information security in secure embedded systems has never been greater. The secure boot process is one of the foundation stones of software development […]