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EMC Testing

As one of the few electronics design consultancies to have an EMC testing chamber, we can identify and fix any issues prior to external testing – so de-risking a project and resulting in significant cost and time savings over a project lifetime.

Through ByteSnap Design’s early EMC testing service, risks of failing a formal EMC test are minimised. Complexities of current high frequency and high-speed components mean reworking designs – adding to development costs – is all too common.

We offer radiated emissions scans of our customer’s products during development. ByteSnap Design’s new EMC chamber will be also used to make comparative signal strength measurements for low power radios to check performance over time, or the effect of modifications. While this service is not a replacement for R&TTE testing, it will reduce project timescales and increase efficiency.

To find out more about how ByteSnap Design’s pre-compliance EMC testing services can help with your product development project, please get in touch.

EU EMC Guide