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ByteSnap Participates In 1st Ever Remote OCPP 1.6 PlugFest

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ByteSnap’s engineering flexibility pays off at 1st ever remote OCPP 1.6 PlugFest OCPP 1.6 PlugFest is a testing symposium organised by the Open Charge Alliance (OCA). This is where different companies who’ve built their own OCPP clients or servers – which correspond to charge points or central systems respectively – can test against each other […]

QNX RTOS used to Ensure Highly Reliable V2G Charge Posts

VIGIL project completion bytesnap design aston university|||green energy EV charging QNX RTOS

ByteSnap choses QNX RTOS to ensure high-reliability in V2G charge post project ByteSnap Design selected Blackberry’s QNX Neutrino RTOS [1] components – supplied by Direct Insight [2] – as part of its new vehicle charging system. This is the UK’s first integrated vehicle-to-grid system for charging electric cars. QNX RTOS & VIGIL project: The new […]

Applications Processors Head-to-Head: STM32MP1 vs I.MX7ULP

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A comparison of STM32MP1 vs I.MX7ULP The STM32MP1 and I.MX7ULP chip series are manufactured by STMicro and NXP respectively. They both offer a combination of low-power and high-performance with full support for high-performance operating systems. This article will be looking at some of the differences between the two, and also highlighting best fits for various […]

VIGIL V2G Project Successfully Completed

VIGIL project completion bytesnap design aston university|||green energy EV charging QNX RTOS

VIGIL: UK’s First Comprehensive Communication and Control Platformfor V2G Systems and Electrical Networks Management The collaborative research project VIGIL (‘VehIcle to Grid Intelligent controL’) has successfully met its aim of building and trialling an off-vehicle communication and control platform. Further, this platform will encourage DNOs, building owners and EV/EV infrastructure owners to adopt V2G (vehicle-to-grid) […]

ByteSnap 2019 Electronics Industry Predictions

ByteSnap Electronics Industry Predictions 2019 - Smart Glasses|ByteSnap Electronics Industry Predictions 2019 - image by andres urena - unsplash|ByteSnap Electronics Industry Predictions 2019 - 5G expansion||ByteSnap Electronics Industry Predictions 2019 - Improved fitness trackers||ByteSnap Electronics Industry Predictions 2019 - Mega Mergers cool off|ByteSnap Electronics Industry Predictions 2019 - robot gardening|ByteSnap Design Industry Predictions for 2019 - EV batteries get smaller|ByteSnap Electronics Industry Predictions 2019|ByteSnap Electronics Industry Predictions for 2019|ByteSnap Electronics Industry Predictions_2019

ELECTRONICS INDUSTRY PREDICTIONS: TRENDS FOR 2019 With 2018 now behind us, our engineering consultants have been wondering what the year ahead holds for the embedded systems industry. Here are our electronics industry predictions for 2019: ByteSnap’s Electronics Design Industry Predictions for 2019 Voice assistants will become more versatile Our first electronics industry prediction for this […]

Microcontroller Design: Optimising Power Consumption in 12 Easy Steps


Microcontroller Design: Optimising Power Consumption in 12 Easy Steps Long battery lifetime is a frequent requirement in embedded product design – particularly in microcontroller design. For instance, we designed an animal tracking product that could run for four years using a 1/3 of an AA cell.  Microcontrollers are getting ever more meagre in their power […]