Putting Design & Production Tests in Their Place

ByteSnap’s article on product testing appeared in Product Design & Development.

Recent high-profile product recalls and failures have shown that even the most experienced and well-funded company can fall down when it comes to product testing.

A product goes through two fundamental types of test. The first is of the design itself and the second is production testing of the product. These two categories have different aims and this article sets out to explore those differences.

Increasing pressure on timescales and the relentless pace of new technology introductions can pressurise companies to reduce design testing to a minimum. Conversely, production testing can be over-engineered to no great effect, resulting in increased production costs and a false sense of security, with testing of a design carried out in production, rather than testing of the quality of repetition of that design.

For the full original article, please visit: http://www.pddnet.com/blogs/2013/10/putting-design-production-tests-their-place

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