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ByteSnap’s Long Standing Commitment To Green Technology


Did you know, ByteSnap has been in the green technology space since 2010?

We‘ve been helping companies in the UK and beyond to accelerate their EV charging infrastructure and develop smart energy systems for a number of years, which supports the safeguarding of our planet.

Our work has ranged from developing a control system for energy loads on behalf of a European consortium, through to the launch of our own EV charger brand, Versinetic.

Through Versinetic we consult with companies around the world to help develop greener transport infrastructure – lowering carbon emissions for the future.

We also express our commitment to the environment at ByteSnap, through longstanding employee schemes including Bike2Work and EV car leasing.

In addition, following an extensive search by ByteSnap’s directors, we have finally moved into an office space that is 100% powered by renewable energy.

Here’s the timeline of our green heritage…

  1. 2010-2011– MiDDaS European Project – Consortium – ByteSnap developed a demand control system that allowed power in a house to be offset using an EV as an energy store. The system allowed loads to be controlled in the house depending on grid state.
MiDDaS Project
MiDDaS European Project
  1. 2011-2012 – Olympics Charging Posts – ByteSnap developed new electronics and software for GE’s EV charging posts at the Summer 2012 Games. Our new control system solution for the posts was more economical than the original and included major new features.
  1. 2013-2018 – ByteSnap undertook further EV infrastructure and consultancy projects, including writing an OCPP 1.5 stack and ISO 61851 UL approved software stack
  1. Mar 2018 – ByteSnap joined ViGiL consortium, to develop a Vehicle-to-Grid proof-of-concept system. ViGiL = Vehicle to Grid Intelligent Control
  1. Mar 2020 – Completion of pioneering ViGiL Vehicle-to-Grid project – we delivered the UK’s first end-to-end fully integrated V2G system
  1. Nov 2020 – ByteSnap officially launched our EV charging brand, Versinetic, at CENEX-LCV exhibition, featuring flexible, modular Charging Blox system: Consultancy + Hardware + Software
  1. Nov 2020 – Versinetic’s flagship products launched:
  1. Nov 2020 – Charging Station OCPP library (the standard communication protocol) launched – following thorough testing at various international PlugFests
  1. Nov 2020 – ViGiL won prestigious EVIEs innovation in V2G award
EVIEs win
EVIEs Award
  1. May 2021 – Versinetic became a member of trade association, BEAMA . BEAMA consists of more than 200 UK leaders and innovators, from SMEs such as Versinetic to large multi-national corporations. The members deliver low carbon and environmental technologies securely and efficiently to UK homes, businesses, transport and grid networks.
  1. Dec 2021 – Versinetic published its first Industry White Paper – EV Charging Network Report
  1. Apr 2022 – Versinetic launched EV Charger Development Kit – now being shipped to countries world wide
  1. June 2022 – Smart Charge Point Regulations Compliance achieved. Versinetic customers can build electric vehicle chargers compliant to UK Electric Vehicle Smart Charge Point Regulations 2021 following hard work and iterations by the Versinetic engineering team
  1. June 2022 – SMMT invited Versinetic to join the UK delegation at EVS35 – the largest EV conference of the year, held in Oslo.
ByteSnap Business Development Manager Robert Meeks at EVS 25, Oslo
Versinetic at EVS35
  1. Sep 2022 – ByteSnap & Versinetic moved into new offices supplied by 100% renewable energy
  1. Autumn 2022 – New White Label App demonstrated at UK & international trade shows (CENEX/EDS/Global EV)
  1. Nov 2022 – Versinetic launched #GrowWithUs reforestation scheme – for every new client that we onboard, we will plant trees through One Tree Planted. This is the first of a number of exciting green initiatives planned throughout 2023, ByteSnap’s 15th Year.

Into the future…

ByteSnap has a track record of green developments and strategies that have grown with us since 2010 – with a significant impact on local, national and global infrastructure networks.

By 2030 it is expected that all new cars sold in the UK will be electric. ByteSnap & Versinetic are committed and well positioned to play a leading role in this transition from carbon inefficient vehicles to an electric future.

We’re pleased to say that the sustainable area of our business represents 29%  of this year’s company revenue.

Therefore, sustainability remains at the heart of our operations here at ByteSnap, as we continue to develop our commitment to making a difference and creating cleaner, greener transport and technology systems for the future.

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