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The Global Chip Shortage: How to Get Through 2022


The Global Chip Shortage: How to Get Through 2022 For months, the news has been full of stories around component supply shortages and their wider impact. Analysts at Goldman Sachs found that over 160 different industries were affected by the crisis¹. Tech giants issued warnings about disruption to production.  Though some are reported to be […]

DSP Fundamentals Every Electronics Engineer Should Know

|A word cloud to visually show covered topics|FIR Filter or convolution algorithm|Flow diagram demonstrating FIR filter algorithm|equation describing a IIR filter|A flow diagram describing the IIR filter

A guide to the core knowledge required for DSP application development and feature engineering – by Dunstan Power and Guest Author John Edwards of Sigma Numerix Digital Signal Processing (DSP) has been a key part of many real time applications for several decades but over the last few years the use of hybrid devices, which […]

Design for Prototype Testing

design for prototype testing|design for prototype testing pcb schematic|

How to Optimise Your Prototyping Process Prototype Testing – What and Why? When designing a new printed circuit board (PCB), there are several things we can do to produce a useful first-time prototype and allow for easier debugging. A typical approach often looks like this: This first prototype is likely to be the most expensive […]

Working From Home & Electronics Design During the Pandemic

covid-19 coronavirus blue|Remote working - ByteSnap Design|Covid-19 coronavirus blue pandemic|supply chain cardboard boxes on grey shelf|zoom video call

COVID 19-Proof Your Electronics Product Design Projects for Working From Home It’s fair to say that – due to the COVID-19 pandemic – the world of work will never quite be the same again. We’ve been working from home, in lockdown, for a few weeks now. To date, a number of problems and solutions have […]

Windows 10 IoT Core: what you need to know


Windows 10 IoT Core: What you need to know Windows 10 IoT Core is gradually growing in popularity among system designers, not only because of its simplicity, but also due to the combination of low licencing costs and ongoing updates. The latter ensures that major security holes and upgraded feature-sets for new standards are available […]

ByteSnap to reveal the destination for EV charge points at EDS 2019

ByteSnap to reveal the destination for EV charge points at EDS 2019 Award-winning embedded systems consultancy ByteSnap Design will showcase “Smart Charging” solutions for electric vehicles (EVs) at the Engineering Design Show (EDS), where Senior Software Engineer Julian Skidmore will present “The EV Charge Point Journey: What’s The Final Destination” at in the New Electronics […]

How to Manage Component Obsolescence


How to Manage Component Obsolescence Obsolescence is a dirty word for most engineers. A successful, reliable product can be suddenly rendered unmanufacturable by a single component going End Of Life (EOL), or a new design hasn’t even gone into production and one of the chips has been pulled by the manufacturer. Sometimes it is ICs, […]

Top 5 Tips For Developing Secure Android Applications

|eveloping Secure Android Applications_Android Security|Developing Secure Android Apps_Fig 3|Developing Secure Android Apps_Fig 4|Developing Secure Android Applications_Fig 5||developing secure android applications_icon|Developing Secure Android Apps_Fig 1|Developing Secure Android Apps_Fig 2|Developing Secure Android Apps_use https|developing secure android apps_smartphone|Developing Secure Android Apps_SSL Secured|Android Nougat revealed||||

Electronics & Software Product Design Android has maintained it’s command of the global smartphone market at just over 71% – which includes a 68.86% market share in Europe and over 82% in Asia, according to latest figures. Despite being second place to iOS in the US (at 40.54% to iOS’s 59.17%) Android’s strong performance in […]

Install Android 4.4 with Play Store on Wandboard in 7 Steps

|||||Wandboard||SD card|Operating system SD card|

Install Android 4.4 with Play Store on Wandboard in 7 Steps Happy New Year! The Wandboard is a really great imx6 development system that allows easy comparison of the performance of three of the processor variants. Here is a guide on how to get it up and running with Android KitKat. For this (apart from […]