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Secure Boot Glossary for Electronics & Software Products

Secure Boot Glossary – Demystify the Jargon! In the age of digital transformation, securing data and protecting sensitive information have become more critical than ever. One such technology that has gained tremendous popularity is Secure Boot, which provides a high level of protection against malware and other malicious attacks. However, understanding the complex jargon associated […]

Top 9 Visual Studio Extensions for Software Engineers

|Visual Studio Extensions - Image 1: Linux profiling results with detailed per-line view|Visual Studio Extensions - Image 2: Linux profiling results with detailed per-line view. Source:|Visual Studio Extensions - Image 3:Tooltip information for one of the inline test markers. Source:|Visual Studio Extensions - Image 4a: Screenshot||Colourised braces based on depth and highlighting format specifiers in strings.|Image 7: Highlighted whitespaces at end of lines (Source: )|Image 8: New button in the context menu... (Source: )|Visual Studio Extensions - Image 9 - and and its popup|Visual Studio Extensions - Image 9: New icons for unsupported file extensions (Source: )||Visual Studio Extensions - Image 6: User defined annotations for multiple categories. Source:|

The best Visual Studio extensions to help streamline your software development Trying to figure out the best Visual Studio extensions?  Read our recommendations for the best ones to help accelerate your programming. Most programmers developing complex programs will use an integrated development environment (IDE) to take advantage of its many useful features. Many choose Visual […]

Debian vs Yocto for Embedded Systems

A sample of Yocto Code|||Flowchart showing the Project Development Process for Yocto|

Debian vs Yocto for Embedded Systems Debian and Yocto are two different approaches to providing a GNU/Linux operating system on embedded systems. In this article, we give you an overview of each, and then examine the comparative strengths and weaknesses of both approaches. Introduction to Debian Debian was first released as a Linux distribution by […]

Selecting a mobile application development company for your project

|1 find a mobile application development company|1 find a mobile application development company|mobile application development company header blog 2|mobile application development company - experience 2||mobile application development company - awards||mobile application development company - repeat customers

Mobile Application Development Series – Part 2 Welcome to part 2 of our 5-part series on mobile application development. Part 1 looked at the essential breakdown of your mobile application development budget, and how to financially plan carefully for project success. And here’s part 2 – read on as we drill down into the fundamentals […]