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2024 Electronics Industry Predictions

2024 Electronics Industry Predictions from ByteSnap’s Engineering Consultants Happy New Year! Read our 2024 electronics industry predictions – discover which AI trends are likely to disrupt the tech sector – including autonomous taxis and AI enabled-integrated circuits… 2023 was an eventful year in the tech sector, where AI went mainstream with the explosion of language […]

ByteSnap’s January Food Bank Donation

||||Morrisons food donation parcels|Morrisons food donation parcels|Morrisons food donation parcels|

ByteSnap Design’s January Food Bank Donation To mark ByteSnap’s 14th Anniversary, we purchased pre-made food donation parcels from Morrisons, for their food bank collection. January Food Bank Donations January is a difficult month for food donations as people have spent their cash during the festive period, leaving food banks struggling to help those in need. […]

ByteSnap’s Electronics Industry Predictions 2022


ByteSnap’s 2022 Predictions for the Embedded Electronics Industry ByteSnap Design’s award-winning engineers have expertise ranging from electronics design through to embedded Linux development, and have been contemplating the year ahead. Here are their predictions of trends that are most likely to dominate the embedded electronics industry in 2022… 1. Chip shortages are likely to ease […]

Saving Power in Low Power Wireless Radio Systems

|||A diagram of three common network topologies: Cluster Tree

Saving Power in Low Power Wireless Radio Systems Introduction Recent statistics show the number of IoT devices worldwide is expected to reach more than 29 billion by 2030. That’s nearly double the 2020 figure of 15.1 billion. In China alone analysts expect there’ll be 8 billion consumer devices in use. With increasing sales of electric […]

ByteSnap Electronics Industry Predictions for 2021


ByteSnap Electronics Industry Predictions for 2021 The challenges of 2020 also tested economies and supply chains and will reverberate well into this year.  So what trends are most likely to dominate the electronics industry in 2021?  Our engineering consultants have been reflecting on the tech year ahead…     1. Growth in COVID-accelerated Medical Tech  […]

See ByteSnap’s AI demo at Embedded World 2020

||Digi Module imx8x running SnapUI Linux demo by ByteSnapfor Embedded World 2020|||

ByteSnap’s New Machine Learning and GUI Demos at Embedded World 2020 ByteSnap will be showcasing Artificial Intelligence and user interface demos at the world’s biggest embedded systems trade show this month. The demonstrations will feature NXP’s powerful new iMX8X processor – designed for safety-certifiable and performance efficiency needs at Embedded World 2020 in Nuremburg, Germany. […]

ByteSnap 2019 Electronics Industry Predictions

ByteSnap Electronics Industry Predictions 2019 - Smart Glasses|ByteSnap Electronics Industry Predictions 2019 - image by andres urena - unsplash|ByteSnap Electronics Industry Predictions 2019 - 5G expansion||ByteSnap Electronics Industry Predictions 2019 - Improved fitness trackers||ByteSnap Electronics Industry Predictions 2019 - Mega Mergers cool off|ByteSnap Electronics Industry Predictions 2019 - robot gardening|ByteSnap Design Industry Predictions for 2019 - EV batteries get smaller|ByteSnap Electronics Industry Predictions 2019|ByteSnap Electronics Industry Predictions for 2019|ByteSnap Electronics Industry Predictions_2019

ELECTRONICS INDUSTRY PREDICTIONS: TRENDS FOR 2019 With 2018 now behind us, our engineering consultants have been wondering what the year ahead holds for the embedded systems industry. Here are our electronics industry predictions for 2019: ByteSnap’s Electronics Design Industry Predictions for 2019 Voice assistants will become more versatile Our first electronics industry prediction for this […]