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Beware the OTA: The Dangers of Over The Air Updates

Home TL;DR: How to Avoid the Dangers of Over the Air Updates Some Fitbit users have reported issues after a recent over-the-air (OTA) update.  However, Fitbit has denied the allegations and stated that the matter is still under investigation.  This situation highlights the potential risks for any company involved with wireless firmware updates if sufficient […]

Secure Boot Glossary for Electronics & Software Products

Secure Boot Glossary – Demystify the Jargon! In the age of digital transformation, securing data and protecting sensitive information have become more critical than ever. One such technology that has gained tremendous popularity is Secure Boot, which provides a high level of protection against malware and other malicious attacks. However, understanding the complex jargon associated […]

Developing Products for Smart Home Systems? Do This

|Smart Home Systems Icons||Smart Home System Dashboard

3 expert tips to help you optimise your smart home system design projects This Smart Home Day, we’re bringing you our top development tips for designing products for smart home systems. 1 Give consideration to energy demand response when designing new products In the future, energy providers will need to better balance provision of electricity, […]

5 Linux Development Tips for a Happy Life

||Linux development tips for a happy life - Tux the Linux Mascot

Five quick Linux development tips to help with programming productivity Happy Birthday, Tux! It’s the 32nd birthday of the Linux operating system this month. From the inauspicious beginnings of a message posted on a UNIX forum by young Finnish software engineer Linus Torvalds back in 1991, Linux is now part of the technology mainstream. It’s […]

IoT Product Design: 7 Big Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

Avoiding the most common pitfalls in IoT product design The Internet of Things IoT market is booming in the UK and worldwide, and is expected to do so for many years to come. Smart connected devices in industry, enterprise and at the consumer level continue to see growth in adoption, and any business successfully innovating can expect […]

Intellectual Property: Background IP vs Foreground IP


Intellectual Property Explained: Background IP, Foreground IP and More **Updated 26th April 2024 with New IP Quiz** Disclaimer: Intellectual Property: Foreground IP vs Background IP has been written as a guide/explainer and does not constitute legal advice. It is provided for educational and research purposes only. It is your responsibility to obtain appropriate advice and […]

Debian vs Yocto for Embedded Systems

A sample of Yocto Code|||Flowchart showing the Project Development Process for Yocto|

Debian vs Yocto for Embedded Systems Debian and Yocto are two different approaches to providing a GNU/Linux operating system on embedded systems. In this article, we give you an overview of each, and then examine the comparative strengths and weaknesses of both approaches. Introduction to Debian Debian was first released as a Linux distribution by […]

Apple Homekit: Overcoming Development Challenges

|||Apple Homekit: Overcoming Development Challenges|Apple Homekit: Overcoming Development Challenges|Apple Homekit: Overcoming Development Challenges -Image credit Dan Lefebvre

Apple Homekit: Overcoming Development Challenges Smart home devices are certainly flavour of the month – if not the last couple of years too. Of the competing smart home platforms, Apple Homekit is arguably still in the challenger role to more established players, but of course carries significant cachet in branding alone, as well as a […]

See ByteSnap at Southern Manufacturing and Electronics 2019

Southern Manufacturing and Electronics 2019 - cable car|Southern Manufacturing and Electronics 2019_SnapUI QNX running on the Karo Module|Motor control development demo with 360 camera|See ByteSnap at Southern Manufacturing and Electronics 2019|

BYTESNAP TO SHOWCASE NEW QNX DEVELOPMENT SERVICES AT SOUTHERN MANUFACTURING AND ELECTRONICS 2019 Visit ByteSnap Design at the Southern Manufacturing and Electronics 2019 show  and find out how our motor control expertise and User Interface development for mission-critical applications can help accelerate your product design projects. One of the UK’s leading electronics manufacturing and design […]