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FreeRTOS vs Linux for Embedded Systems

Which operating system is best suited for your embedded systems project – FreeRTOS or Linux? FreeRTOS and Embedded Linux are two popular options for operating system provision in embedded systems. But which should you choose for your electronics product design? In many cases, the decision about which system to use is preferential, as software engineers […]

Why Can’t I Use Raspberry Pi for My Embedded Design Project?

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Here’s Why You Can’t Use Raspberry Pi For Your Project Have you ever worked on a project that started out like this? And ended up looking like this? The initial impression of a clear-cut solution that could be delivered on time and under budget has been washed away. Unfortunately, misconceptions around different technology and a […]

Periodic Table of Embedded Systems: 118 Interactive Tech Terms

ByteSnap’s Periodic Table of Embedded Systems Tech Terms Discover embedded hardware and software tech terms with our jargon-busting interactive glossary. Popular technologies and systems have been compiled and defined by our engineering consultants to help you broaden your knowledge or brush up your memory on a ByteSnap topic favourite – embedded systems! How to use […]

Top 9 Factors when Choosing Radio Systems for IoT Design

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Top 9 Factors when Choosing Radio Systems for IoT Design In fact, you probably have access to around nine different connected devices on a day-to-day basis. Whether that number is higher or lower; you are benefitting from the phenomenon known as the Internet of Things. This modern marvel is celebrated each year – with April […]

9 Development Tips to Get Your Proof of Concept to Market

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9 Development Tips to Get Your Proof of Concept to Market It’s a common error to underestimate the difference between a Proof of Concept (PoC) design and a production-ready device. Here, we discuss in detail the difference between the two, while outlining how to go from one to the other. What is the purpose of […]

Debian vs Yocto for Embedded Systems

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Debian vs Yocto for Embedded Systems Debian and Yocto are two different approaches to providing a GNU/Linux operating system on embedded systems. In this article, we give you an overview of each, and then examine the comparative strengths and weaknesses of both approaches. Introduction to Debian Debian was first released as a Linux distribution by […]

The Cost to Design & Develop a New Electronic Product

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The cost to design & develop a new electronic product consists of many phases. Read the guide to help you plan the costs of your next project. Design & Development Pricing: How Much a New Electronic Design Project Costs Before commissioning a new product development, it’s important that you establish a number of key project […]

ByteSnap Participates In 1st Ever Remote OCPP 1.6 PlugFest

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ByteSnap’s engineering flexibility pays off at 1st ever remote OCPP 1.6 PlugFest OCPP 1.6 PlugFest is a testing symposium organised by the Open Charge Alliance (OCA). This is where different companies who’ve built their own OCPP clients or servers – which correspond to charge points or central systems respectively – can test against each other […]

QNX RTOS used to Ensure Highly Reliable V2G Charge Posts

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ByteSnap choses QNX RTOS to ensure high-reliability in V2G charge post project ByteSnap Design selected Blackberry’s QNX Neutrino RTOS [1] components – supplied by Direct Insight [2] – as part of its new vehicle charging system. This is the UK’s first integrated vehicle-to-grid system for charging electric cars. QNX RTOS & VIGIL project: The new […]

Applications Processors Head-to-Head: STM32MP1 vs I.MX7ULP

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A comparison of STM32MP1 vs I.MX7ULP The STM32MP1 and I.MX7ULP chip series are manufactured by STMicro and NXP respectively. They both offer a combination of low-power and high-performance with full support for high-performance operating systems. This article will be looking at some of the differences between the two, and also highlighting best fits for various […]